Amenia Trip !

Hi everyone !

My name is Cansu. I am a junior Media and Communication major. I am here as an exchange student. – I know that the selfie is very bad. Still I had to upload it.-This is my first time in the States and I am having a tough time adjusting to a new culture. I was born and raised in Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey. Since my birth I am surrounded by huge apartments, traffic jam, pollution etc. By the way Istanbul’s population in 17 million. Almost twice as much as New York City’s. So in Istanbul it’s impossible to see a farmer’s market. -At least I haven’t seen one yet-   When I decided to live in Poughkeepsie -although I’m here for a short time- and attend Vassar College, I knew that it’s going to be very different.

And I made a commitment to myself :

I’m gonna visit a lot of places !

Thanks to my advisor who recommended this course. Our first stop was the little town of Amenia which has just 1 (one) traffic light – not kidding- and the farmer’s market. The wooden houses with flags and empty roads, all of them was quite unusual to me. But anyway, I have been enjoying the silence for almost 3 weeks now and I feel very relaxed.


There were farmers selling their organic or at least natural stuff. I enjoyed a lot ! The farmer’s market was not big actually it was vey small. There were approximately – I don’t remember exactly- 10 farmers I guess.


This is a nice lady’s stand who bakes home-made desserts! They look very delicious! I wish I wasn’t on diet and could have tasted them.



And this is a yoghurt/milk/ice cream -dairy products- stand. Stand’s owner told me that they are not “organic” but natural.


And this makes me really pissed off!IMG_3590

Dudes ! Baklava is not Greek. It’s Turkish. I mean it.

Check it out.