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While designing my new business cards, I discovered an interesting tidbit:  there is no standard Chinese name for Vassar.  I went with 瓦薩 Wǎsà because it seems to be the most common one on the web.  However, I have also found 瓦瑟 Wǎsè, 瓦莎 Wǎshā, and 瓦薩爾 Wǎsàěr.  In addition, one of my colleagues in the Department of Chinese & Japanese said he personally preferred 凡薩 Fánsà, because although there is nothing wrong with the individual meaning of 瓦 wǎ (“pottery”), it is also the character used in the expression 瓦斯 wǎsī, “poison gas.”

I also note that the full name (“Vassar College”) is sometimes written 瓦薩大學 or variants thereof.  However, a 大學 is often taken to be a university, rather than a college, so it is more correct to write 瓦薩學院.

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