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Can studying philosophy make you a better person?

One of the many people who is considerably smarter and more productive than I am is Eric Schwitzgebel, whose writes the blog, The Splintered Mind.  One of Eric’s many research interests is the question of whether there is any empirical … Continue reading

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Am I a good professor?

I think so, but even my own best evidence is of questionable reliability: I get very high numerical evaluations by students in my classes.  These are on forms that are distributed only to students in my class, and the results … Continue reading

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Poker Is Potentially Profitable People!

First of all, I should warn readers of this blog (if there ever are any) that, as the title of this entry illustrates, I am overly fond of consonance.  But let’s move past the style to the substance. I got … Continue reading

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What Can You Do with a Philosophy Major?

I’m on the mailing list for the Vassar Venture Capitalists Club.  (Long story.)  Anyway, their “Entrepreneur of the Month” is a 2006 graduate who started her own business:  “Dapper Dog Training.”  Did she major in economics?  No.  She majored in … Continue reading

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Advice to student contemplating a doctorate in Chinese philosophy

An undergraduate recently emailed me, asking for advice about getting a doctorate in Chinese philosophy.  The student explained that he was particularly interested in the comparative study of epistemology and the philosophy of language from an analytic perspective.  In addition … Continue reading

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Typos in Mengzi: With Selections from Traditional Commentaries (Hackett)

p. 9, at the end of 1A7, change “Gentleman cannot bear” to “Gentlemen cannot bear” More to come (I’m sure).

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