Sophie Sharp

Hi, my name is Sophie, I’m from Massachusetts, and I’m a junior here at Vassar. I’m a psychology major and I would love to go into developmental psychology research and eventually maybe even into teaching!

When I’m not doing research on brains you can find me reading, running and jumping on the track team, watching The Office, or hiking different parts of the Appalachian trail. I recently came back from a semester in Copenhagen, Denmark and one of my favorite new-found hobbies is making videos about all of my adventures.

I’m taking this class because I’m particularly interested in the way humans learn, and can’t wait to learn more myself about the different forms of literacy in our changing world.

Tania Hernandez

In a few words, I would say that I am someone who can relate very much to a turtle. Before, I was talking to a vassar student and they asked me what animal it is that I related to and at the time I wasn’t sure but it got me thinking and now I believe that I can relate very much to a turtle. If I encounter someone new I will most likely hide in my shell and not come out for a while. this is how I may be at first but with a little bit of time, I might be willing to come out of that shell and socialize. Believe me when I tell you that the me who hides in her shell is only temporary because once I’m out you’ll wish I would go back in.

*Disclaimer: no, I don’t own turtles.