Animation with FCP X

We’ll be using FCP X to create simple animations in this workshop.


More Examples

Animation Outline

  1. Learn about .png files (Common File Suffixes)
  2. Import .png into FCP X (why png?)
  3. Establishing a background
  4. Tweens (what is a tween?)
  5. Moving objects off stage to on stage
  6. Manipulating Size and Orientation, and Opacity
  7. Finding .png files
  8. Making .png files with Photoshop (details below)
  9. Putting it all together on your own
  10. Share to our WordPress site


Steps for Creating .png files:

Please download these .png files which we will be manipulating.

To create .png files:

  1. Download the image
  2. Open the image in photoshop (or make something in Photoshop)
  3. Copy the entire image
  4. Create a new photoshop document with a transparent background
  5. Paste the entire image
  6. Erase the parts you don’t want (magic wand the background if you are lucky and then press backspace or delete)
  7. “Save as ” .png
  8. Import to FCP X