Miranda Cornell

Miranda Cornell is from Brooklyn, NY and lives up to the stereotype (she owns five different black cardigans and kale is her favorite vegetable). She is a Drama and Education double major at Vassar, where she is in her junior year. She’s excited to be in the course because storytelling is the main reason that she chose both of her majors, and being able to explore new mediums is an opportunity that she doesn’t often have! She spent last semester in Glasgow, Scotland, which she misses terribly but is happy to be back in a place where the sun shines for more than twenty minutes a day.

On campus, she’s the President of the Philaletheis Society, Vice President of Challah For Hunger, and a new member of Idlewild. This semester, she is working on the Drama Department’s production of A Little Night Music as the assistant director, which is taking up 92% of her time but she loves it regardless.

Outside of Vassar, you can probably find her (shockingly) doing theater, drinking english breakfast tea, and re-living her childhood by finally reading and watching Harry Potter for the first time. She’s a big fan of parentheses (clearly), eating good food, and talking about her cats. Her main goal is this semester is to order mac & cheese in a bread bowl from Panera, because up until two months ago, she did not realize that this glorious, carb-filled meal was even possible.

Rosie Trammell

Rosalynde Trammell hates her absurdly long name and would much rather you call her Rosie. She is currently a junior at Arlington High School and is attempting to balance her favorite hobbies of acting, baking and reading with her overwhelming course load. Rosie is a stereotypical nerd (she’s awkward, asthmatic, wears glasses etc.), but she embraces her true nature and will gladly spend all day talking about Harry Potter, or one of her other many nerdy passions. Rosie appears to be outgoing, but in reality is very shy and hates writing about herself.