Student Projects

See below to get involved with student projects on campus!

Mural Project
We’ll be tabling in the Retreat Mon-Wed 9 am-5 pm with a giant mural for people to sign, color, or write something positive about VC! The theme is Vassar: Love, Community & Acceptance. The mural will be displayed later in the week and also at the week’s Late Night at the Lehman Loeb.

RSL Video Project
The RSL committee is looking for people to take part in a video by reading quotations or passages of holy verse that speak to you on the message of love and acceptance. We will also have signs that people can make and hold up as part of the video as well. People of all religions and spiritualities (or lack thereof) are welcome to participate. We will be filming in the Rose Parlor from 10am-1pm this Friday (February 22nd), and you can stop by anytime. If you have any questions, please email with “RSL Video” in the subject line.
Hope to see you there!
Here is Part 1 of our project:
RSL Project
And Part 2 has just been completed:
RSL Part 2

A group of student theater-makers have joined together to create a theater-based response to the WBC’s plans to picket Vassar. The project is called VC Say Something and will be ongoing as Vassar continues to react to the WBC. We are working to write a short theater piece – or several – based on interviews with various members of the Vassar (and Poughkeepsie) community. Interviews are focused around what community means at Vassar, personal experiences/thoughts regarding this event, and what good can come out of this. We are also planning to create a database of the responses we receive. Through this project, we hope to allow voices of all kinds to be heard and to help Vassar to be more self-reflective.

We’re looking for people to be interviewed and people to help with the creative process. If you are interested in getting involved, please email To be interviewed, write “Interview” in the subject line. To help create, write “Participate” in the subject line. We welcome any questions/concerns/ideas/help.