Memorial Minutes


Michael McCarthy approached the Archives & Special Collections Library about digitizing the Memorial Minutes read at faculty meetings.  He has some recent ones available at, dating back to 1990, but would like a more robust list.  Michael was referred to us for this digitization.

The Archives & Special Collections Library contains three volumes of Memorial Minutes:

  • Volume 1, 1877-1942
  • Volume 2, 1943-1960
  • Volume 3, 1960-1978

There is a gap from 1978-1989 which need to be pulled from the faculty minutes in Archives & Special Collections.  The digital library has already completed this digitization.

Digitization consists of approximately 90-100 pages per volume.  The volumes cannot be digitized as one book but will need to be digitized on a person-by-person (memorial-by-memorial) basis.  Each volume also contains an archival folder with the same contents except for Volume 3, whose folder contains overlapping but unequal content.

File creation

  • Goal is a one-to-one correspondence between person and minute (and, in the case of multiple minutes submitted per person, one-to-many).  Thus this project is inherently slow.
  • No metadata exists.
  • Items must be hand-scanned.

File naming scheme:



  • aevc = project code (memorial minutes is too long)
  • last = last name of person.  When same last names exist, use lastname-firstinitial.
  • XXX = zero-left string-padded number indicating which memorial minute per person is being scanned.
  • YYY = zero-left string-padded number indicating the page sequence per memorial minute per person.