The history of fire fans is difficult to pinpoint but it is plausible that it stems from the practice of fan dancing. Fan dancing can be traced to the Han Dynasty in China around 200 AD. During this time fan dancing could be broken down into two types: lyrical and military. The lyrical version of this dance was for all social classes to enjoy and participate in, and it incorporated graceful movements that told stories. While the military version did not include fans , its training style and presentation was heavily influenced by lyrical fan dancing. The lyrical version of fan dancing is the probable predecessor, since many now incorporate different styles of dance like belly dancing to captivate the audience and add more movement to the fans in this modern age.The rise of fire fans in contemporary civilian life can be attributed to the rise of technology and social media platforms like youtube, where videos of such performances inspire many to pick it up for the first time. For more information on fans, please use these links: