We’re the Barefoot Fireflies, Vassar College’s one and only circus and flow arts performance troupe!

Entirely student-run, we put on four shows a year, which everyone from the Vassar and Poughkeepsie community is welcome to attend. Two of our performances are fire shows (yes, real fire!) and two are non-fire shows; you can follow us on social media below to find out when those are happening.

Every student is welcome to join the Barefoot Fireflies, no experience necessary, and you can join our email list here to find out when we have shows, where we’re having rehearsals, and what other events we’re putting on!

We have jam times every week on Wednesdays and Fridays from 3-6pm, outside on the Residential Quad when its nice out and inside when it isn’t. Jam time is an open session where anyone and everyone is welcome to come and go as they learn new moves!