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McLaughlin Lab 2017-19

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Spread of Antibiotic Resistance

Bacteria can gain antibiotic resistant genes through horizontal gene transfer, also know as conjugative plasmid transfer (CPT). What is the molecular basis of this process?

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Gut Microbiome & Autoimmune Disease

People with autoimmune diseases have a very different population of microbes in their gut. Are the elevated microbes playing a role in the disease state?

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Unraveling Phage Biochemistry

Genomes of recently discovered Mycobacteriophages encode several gene products that do not match any known proteins. What are the functions of these novel phage proteins?

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Our big question:

Can we selectively target the microbiome?

Lab Members

Dr. Krystle J. McLaughlin

Principal Investigator | Khaleesi of Biochemistry | Mother of Microbes

Ashley Latibeaudiere

Vassar ’19 | Phage Researcher

Isabel Sakarin

Vassar ’19 | CPT Researcher

Justas Rodarte

Vassar ’19 | B. ovatus Researcher

Mary McKenney

Vassar ’21 | CPT Researcher

Sharika Hasan

Vassar ’19 | B. ovatus Researcher



Note: The lab is full for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The McLaughlin Lab is a part of the Chemistry Department at Vassar College.

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