Great Horned Owls

July 6th, 2017- At dusk, an adult Great Horned Owl was seen perching on a dead tree out on the preserve. Great horned owls are apex predators and can competitively exclude most other owl species where present. In the case of the preserve, our resident barred owls have become more difficult to track down since the great horned owls have moved in. Where great horned owls and barred owls are both present, great horned owls are always dominant and barred owls will use areas of their territory further from the center of activity of the great horned owls (if they even stay). By Stephen Kovari.

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Stephen Kovari

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Stephen Kovari works at the Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve as a student research and land management assistant, with a focus on wildlife research, outreach, and education. Class of 2019, Environmental Studies Major. Editor and complier of VCNature. Email