Vassar College Emergency Medical Services

EMERGENCY- Call 845-437-7333

Be prepared with:

Location of the Emergency

Nature of the Emergency

Age of the Patient

Is the Patient Conscious?

Is the patient breathing?

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What is EMS?

VCEMS (Vassar College Emergency Medical Services) is a student run organization that responds to on-campus medical emergencies and services all visitors and students during the academic year. VCEMS is in service when Baldwin is closed. VCEMS consists of EMT-certified Vassar students and CPR certified individuals to provide care during these emergencies.


How do I call VCEMS?

By dialing the CRC Emergency phone number (845) 437-7333, you will speak to a dispatcher who will send VCEMS to the location of the emergency. The CRC will ask for the caller’s name and ID number. Stay with the patient until VCEMS and security arrive.


When should I call VCEMS?

If you or someone you know is having a medical emergency, has been injured, is having a mental health emergency, is dangerously intoxicated, or any other situation where you feel you need attention from someone who is medically trained to help in these situations.


Will I get in trouble if I call VCEMS for myself or a friend who is intoxicated or has used drugs that don’t comply with school regulations?

Vassar has a Good Samaritan/Medical Amnesty Policy that states that those seeking medical assistance for themselves or their friends will not be subjected to College regulations regarding alcohol and other substance use. To see the specific policy, refer to the Vassar College Regulations Handbook page 37-38, C.


If I call VCEMS, does that mean I have to go to the hospital?

Calling VCEMS does not mean you must go to the hospital. If the patient and VCEMS arrive at the conclusion that further treatment would be necessary, then VCEMS can call an ambulance for you. However, if VCEMS can provide the necessary treatment, an ambulance may not be required, and you would not have to go to the hospital. There are a variety of factors that go into this decision and VCEMS must follow protocol when determining if hospital care is required.


How do I pay for the ambulance ride?

If covered under the Vassar student health insurance policy, the ambulance ride is covered sparing a nominal fee. If you are covered under a different health insurance policy, the ambulance copay will vary.

The Office of Student Growth & Engagement (SGE) allocates designated funds to provide assistance to students in the event of an emergency that results in financial hardship. Please reach out to Dean Wendy to get details about this Emergency Fund at


What happens after a VCEMS call?

Following a call, the student will be contacted by Health Services and will be offered on-campus resources, including Health Services, Counselling Services, Health Promotion and Education, Reslife, AEO, or SAVP.


I’m interested in becoming part of VCEMS, how do I join?

To join VCEMS and go on calls, you need to be CPR certified and must attend an orientation regularly offered by VCEMS. Contact for more information.


Meet the crew!

Niharika Shukla

Year: 2020 Majors: Neuroscience and Biochemistry Fun Fact: I like Broadway musicals and Jenn Colella once called me special!

Sarah Garijo-Garde

Assistant Captain
Year: 2020 Major: Neuroscience Fun Fact: I once met Bill Nye at an aquarium!

Daisy Catling-Allen

Training Officer
Year: 2020 Major: Greek and Roman Studies Fun Fact: Is perpetually trying to learn languages and has yet to succeed

Gwynn Marsh-Armstrong

Community PR Officer
Year: 2020 Major:

Lauren White

PR Officer
Year: 2020 Major: Biology Fun Fact: My favorite holiday is Halloween

Parker Sargeant

Equipment Officer
Year: 2020 Major: Political Science Fun Fact: I decided to become pre-med halfway through the first semester of my sophomore year at Vassar

Ella Johnson

Equipment Officer
Year: 2021 Major: Biology with an Econ correlate Fun Fact: I decided I wanted to be a bio major when I was singing to the karaoke version of Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Brynna Gleeson

EMS 3 Coordinator
Year: 2020 Major: Psychology Fun Fact: Is scuba certified but gets incredibly seasick on boats.

Lauren Namkoong

EMS 3 Coordinator
Year: 2021 Major: Neuroscience and Behavior Fun Fact: I am allergic to raw fruits and vegetables

Anne Nesatharui

CPR Coordinator
Year: 2020 Major:

Yuming Ren

Assistant CPR Coordinator
Year: 2020 Major: Biology and Hispanic Studies Fun Fact: My first nose bleed was from playing too much Poptropica.

Eileanor LaRocco

Crew Chief In-Training
Year: 2020 Major:

Promotion Guidelines

New York State has updated EMS protocols as of August 1, 2019.

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