The Laybourne Visualization Laboratory has 28 seats for students and workshop participants, with a high-powered Windows 10 workstation for each seat. The instructor workstation brings the total number of computers in the room to 29. In addition to the desk areas that hold the computers, there are additional “wing” desktops that splay off from the center desk column to provide additional space for group or paper work.

The Laboratory is furnished with a ceiling-mounted, 1080p digital projector along driven by a sophisticated, networked A/V system. The system allows projection of the instructor station display on the big screen, as well as any of the individual workstations in the room with the touch of a button on the Crestron panel at the front of the room. Allowing a student to present their work from their workstation is easy! The instructor has the ability to blank out student displays if needed, and to display the instructor station on each of the student workstation displays. The screen can be raised and lowered. Please remember to shut off the system from the Crestron panel when finished so as not to burn out the projector bulb!

There are traditional blackboards and whiteboards at the front of the lab which are bisected and are able to be raised and lowered, increasing the writing space available. The shades on the windows use pull-chains to raise and lower, and the light controls are on a touch screen pad located right next to the entry door.