Past Awardees


Abby Baird, to continue developing video-based course materials for PSYC-100 and to explore methods for online interaction with students.

Claire Sagan, to develop podcast episodes for her Environmental Political Theory course.

Vinay Swamy & Annie Brancky, to develop course materials to offer via the Perusall platform, encouraging interactive, social commentary on texts.


Christopher White, for the development of curricular materials for his Religion and Media course.

Janet Andrews and Joshua deLeeuw, to support the purchase of a dry EEG system and the development of related curricular materials for their Cognitive Science courses.

Lioba Gerhardi and Silke von der Emde, to support the development of curricular materials for introductory German courses.


Nancy Pokrywka and Jenni Kennell, who explored ways to integrate instructional technology tools into the newly created BIOL 107. This was a large lecture class and they were looking for ways in which technology could mitigate some of the challenges of large enrollments.

Shane Slattery-Quintanilla and Alex Kupfer, who worked on developing a 360° video production module for their FILM 281 and MEDS 250 classes.

Mark Cleaveland, who worked on integrating gamification principles into his PSYC 105 syllabus.