Thank you to our wonderful alumni for their excellent work!
Please scroll below to see the names, major(s) and correlate sequence(s), projects, and current/future endeavors of our graduates.


James Bonanno ’20
Neuroscience and Behavior, Cognitive Science

Activating Astrocytes (DREADDs) and Astrocytes and Attention



Arianna D Cascone ’19
Neuroscience and Behavior

Astrocytes and Attention

Neuroscience PhD Student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Brenda Dzaringa ’20
Neuroscience and Behavior; French and Francophone Studies Correlate

Astrocytes and Attention
Estradiol and Cognition

I just finished my master’s in Physiology and Biophysics. I’m currently applying to clinical research positions and medical school.



Benjamin Goya ’21
Neuroscience and Behavior; Chinese Correlate

Astrocytes and Attention

I am a research technician working at Weill Cornell. I hope to go on to pursue an MD/PhD in the future!



Ruby Gumenick ’21

Astrocytes and Estradiol (AQP4)




Louisa Kuper ’20
Neuroscience and Behavior

Estradiol and Aquaporin
Astrocytes and Attention
Attentional Set Shifting

I am working at the Jarvis Lab at the Rockefeller University, studying the neurogenetics of language in mice. I hope to attend a Neuroscience PhD program in 2022.


Natalie Pettirossi ’21
Biology; Hispanic Studies Correlate

Astrocytes and Attention

Clinical Research Coordinator at Vanderbilt’s Memory and Alzheimer’s Center, future med student¬†coming years.

Maya Talwar-Hebert ’20
Science, Technology, and Society; Public Policy Economics Correlate

Astrocytes and Attention

I am currently working at Mathematica as a healthcare consultant. I hope to receive my Masters in Public Health focusing on Community Health in the coming years.



Niharika Shukla ’20
Neuroscience and Behavior, Biochemistry

Visualizing Astrocytes (miniscope), Aging and Lactate

I am a post-bac fellow at NIH and currently applying to MD-PhD programs.






Emily Tincher ’23
Philosophy and Biochemistry

Astrocytes and Attention



Tammy Wang ’21
Neuroscience and Behavior

Visualizing Astrocytes (miniscope), Astrocytes and Attention

After graduation, I began working as a post-bac IRTA fellow with Dr. Lorenzo Leggio in his joint National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) laboratory. Dr. Leggio’s Clinical Psychoneuroendocrinology and Neuropsychopharmacology laboratory aims to identify possible novel medications for addiction with clinical and translational inpatient and outpatient studies. Focusing on the unique role of the gut-liver-brain axis in alcohol- and drug-seeking behaviors, the laboratory is currently exploring the potential role of feeding-related pathways that involve ghrelin, leptin, oxytocin, and GLP-1 as probable new neuropharmacological targets for alcohol and substance use disorders treatment.

Weipeng Xie ’21
Neuroscience and Behavior, Chemistry; Japanese Correlate

Visualizing Astrocytes (miniscope), MSO

Research Technician at Dr. Ishii Lab at Weill Cornell Medicine; Hope to become a physician in the future




Teresa Zimmer ‘ 24
Neuroscience and Behavior; Math Correlate

Activating Astrocytes (DREADDs)