Piotr Orlov lecture poster smallFor the Musical Urbanism seminar, Hua Hsu and I were pleased to invite Piotr Orlov to speak about his research on musical legacies and migrations in upstate New York. Here’s the video of our conversation (apologies for the way his mic drops in and out between 7:30-27:00).

“Leonard Nevarez and Hua Hsu of Vassar College’s Urban Studies Program join in conversation with Piotr Orlov, a Brooklyn-based writer, editor and media strategist, who has been reporting on the changing musical landscapes of upstate New York. Together, they will discuss the growth of upstate’s micro-scenes, the exodus of artists from major cities and the recent discourse around the Hudson Valley as ‘the new Brooklyn.’

Apologies for the way Piotr’s microphone drops in and out in the first half hour.

Subjects mentioned in the conversation:
7:30 Underground Railroad history in upstate New York
9:45 Byrdcliffe Art Colony (Woodstock)
11:25 David Mancuso and the Loft (Utica)
13:10 Grateful Dead tours of upstate New York
15:25 Brooklyn musicians moving to the Hudson Valley
16:50 Matthew Dear
23:20 Four Tet / Kieran Hebden
25:30 Creative Musicians Studio: Karl Berger & Ornette Coleman (Woodstock)
37:30 Population patterns in/migrations between Brooklyn and Hudson Valley
48:10 Basilica Soundscape festival / Melissa Auf der Maur (Hudson)
53:10 Dope Jam Records (Oak Hill)
1:04:50 O+ Festival (Kingston)
1:07:30 DIY music venues in Brooklyn
1:10:50 Sour Patch Kids house (Brooklyn)
1:12:25 Sustain-Release Festival (Catskills)