As you may know, this blog runs in tandem with a team-taught undergraduate seminar I teach at Vassar College with Hua Hsu.  We’re four weeks into the semester now, and I’m excited by the multidisciplinary group of students we have in the course.  In case you’re interested in what a course on musical urbanism looks like, here’s the schedule of topics and readings.

Do take a glance at the “recommended media” sections for each week.  Among other things, it’s ridiculous how many great music documentaries we’ve found on the internet; truly, the amount of bootleg documentary uploading going on is accelerating rapidly.  This one arrived YouTube just three days ago, serendipitously in time for next week’s seminar readings on Detroit.

Hua and I have also organized a small series of campus events in conjunction with the class that the Vassar College student newspaper just wrote about.  Very much looking forward to the lectures by sociologist/blogger Oliver Wang and music journalist Dave Tompkins.