Library Cafe 2017 Fall Season

The Library Cafe is a radio interview program broadcast Wednesdays at Noon during the academic year on WVKR (91.3FM) hosted by Vassar Art Librarian Thomas Hill.  Featured each week are conversations with authors, artists, curators, and librarians about books, exhibitions, libraries, and the formation and circulation of knowledge. The program begins for the 2017-18 academic year on Wednesday, September 20 at noon with an interview with author, pilot, and Vassar alumna Sally Van Wagenen Keil (VC ’68) on her narrative history of the Womens Air Service Pilots corps, Those Wonderful Women in Their Flying Machines.  Also featured on the roster for this semester are interviews with Vassar’s new President Elizabeth Bradley about her book The American Health Care Paradox: Why Spending More is Getting Us Less (Public Affairs, 2015), Vassar Professors Molly Nesbit and Tobias Armborst (Midnight: The Tempest Essays; The Arsenal of Exclusion & Inclusion), and an interview with the conceptual artist and art historian Michael Corris (Leaving Skull City: Selected Writings on Art).

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