A message from the Vassar College Libraries

We at the Vassar College Libraries condemn the violent messages of hate against Black people written on the Thompson Library walls last week. We stand firmly in solidarity with those who were targeted. We will not tolerate racist acts of violence in your Library. We will be vigilant in monitoring the Library for any suspicious behavior. If we see something, we will say something.

We strive to make the Library a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for everyone. In the coming days and weeks we will work with colleagues on campus to improve security in the Library. We will increase our efforts to monitor the Library spaces, particularly in the evenings. We will work with you as partners to provide support for events and programming that cultivate a welcoming environment that fosters and sustains the rich intellectual life that is Vassar. As always, we will be available to help anyone who needs support find the right resources.

We are here for you, the students and faculty of Vassar College. This is your Library and we will work to make it the best possible place for you to thrive.

Libraries are for everyone

Courtesy https://hafuboti.com/2017/02/06/libraries-are-for-everyone-an-epic-correction/

3 thoughts on “A message from the Vassar College Libraries

  1. I am totally shocked by this type of hate messaging against Black people. I was born in Poughkeepsie NY, retired from Vassar Library and do not recall ever hearing about this type of behavior in our Vassar Library! What a shame, I can’t imagine a Vassar College student doing this act, hopefully the person or persons will be apprehended and assigned a restorative community service in order to prevent this from happening ever again. Thank you for notifying those of us who are not on campus but still have the very best regard and admiration for Vassar and its’ Libraries.

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