“Our guests”: the dogs of Vassar College


“Like all owners of all other dogs, we quickly came to believe that Mary Ann was ‘different.’ While she was not a trick dog, we were sure that no other dog had ever shown so much intelligence and that if she had been trained in her early youth she could have out-tricked all the trick dogs in the country.”

Our guests: Mary Ann and her predecessors, by Lucy Maynard Salmon



You may have heard of Mary Ann, Scrap, Queen, Fritz, Raggles, Snookum, Ponto, and Lady, the various guests of hostesses Lucy Maynard Salmon and Adelaide Underhill (see “Light is given to discover onward things” for more information on both Lucy and Adelaide). But what about the latest generation of Vassar guests? The Zine Collection at the Vassar College Library would like to create a zine showcasing the various dogs of Vassar. If you are a member of the Vassar College faculty, administration, or staff, we encourage you to send a photo and a brief blurb about your furry friend to zines@vassar.edu.

A few requests, if you please:

  1. Make sure you tell us your dog’s name.
  2. Make sure you tell us your name and your job on campus.
  3. Let us know your dog’s favorite book. If they have a favorite spot on campus, we’d like to know that too!

You can send along more information if you like, but please be aware that we may do some edits depending on space constraints. If you send a color photo, we will convert it to black and white for the printed zine.

We would appreciate your dog’s photo and information no later than November 30th!!

We would also like to include the Vassar pups in a digital exhibit. Please let us know in your submission if you would be interested in participating.

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