The Zines Collection

Posted on behalf of Heidy Berthoud, our zines librarian, and Matt Higgins, zine intern.

Need to read something new? Have you stopped by our zine library near the periodical room? We have dozens of titles on the shelves (and more coming regularly) that you can read in the library or take out at the front desk with your vcard. Also, watch out for zinemaking kits scattered throughout the library!

To find our zines collection, go to the second floor of Main Library and walk to the periodical room (room 255). Then turn around, and you’ll see the zines!

Screenshot 2015-11-23 10.57.17

(Click image to enlarge.)

To find out what zines we’ve got in our collection, see the catalog-searching instructions below (excerpted from the Zine Library’s own zine about its collection!).

Screenshot 2015-11-23 10.56.59

(Click image to enlarge.)

Or, to connect with us online, look in these places:


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