New Faces in the Library

In September 2013, Vassar College Libraries welcomed a new librarian, Rachelle Ramer.

Q. What work do you do at Vassar College Libraries?

A. I am the Research Librarian for the Sciences, which means I am the liaison to Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Earth Science, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Neuroscience & Behavior, Physics, and Psychology, and the Program for Science, Technology and Society. As a liaison I work with students and faculty to find, access and use information resources within the discipline, and to strengthen their skills in doing so.  Additionally, I am responsible for developing Vassar’s collection in my liaison areas.

Q. Have you worked at other libraries before coming to Vassar?

A. Before coming to Vassar, I was working at the Grainger Engineering Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Q. What did you do there, and how is it different from your work here?

A. My work there was similar, but here I have greater responsibilities, work with all the sciences, and I get to work more with students and classes on information literacy skills.

Q. Why do you like (or not like) working in libraries?

A. I love that I never know what questions I’ll get to help answer each day; I’m always learning new things.  I’m also passionate about working with scientific information to support research and education.

Q. What are your interests outside of work?

A. I enjoy traveling, visiting aquariums, and learning and trying new things.  Since coming to Poughkeepsie, I’ve been experimenting with cooking using locally grown food.  I’m proud to be a nerd and particularly enjoy playing all types of games.  I also love puzzles and theater, books, and movies.

Please join us in welcoming Rachelle to the Vassar College Libraries!


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