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A Warm Day On The Rail Trail


image With the leaves rustling and crumbling beneath my feet and the smell of fallen leaves floating through the Dutchess County air, I was quickly reminded that it was fall, despite the 80 degree weather. On my trip to the Dutchess County Rail Trail I was surprised, awed and comforted by many aspects of this trail.

I was first surprised at the accessibility of the trail. It seems as though the one goal the county had in mind when building the trail was making sure that it was attainable by every resident of every city and town. There are parking lots and entrances at nearly every city it passes through, with distinct directions on their website. The trail was even elongated recently just so that people will be able to stay on their bikes when they want to finish their ride on the Walkway Over the Hudson.

image_15 The path was filled with residents, some who I talked to. Mary, from Arlington, said that she loves going on runs in the mornings, before anyone gets on the trail, so that she could enjoy the brisk air and the trees all by herself. image_10

This path, designed specifically for a leisurely stroll or calming bike ride, was somewhat disappointing to a non-resident. Although the trees surrounding the trail were beautiful, especially in the beginnings of fall, it was unexciting. There wasn’t a goal at the end of the trail, it wasn’t at all difficult, and the scenery was uninteresting after walking on the trail for ten minutes. Thus, you can say a girl who thoroughly enjoys a challenging trail, or one that loves to sit at the top of a mountain and watch the sunset, was pretty bored after 15 minutes of walking.

On the other hand, it was wonderful to talk to a few residents and regular users of this trail. John, a man in his mid-sixties finds himself using the Rail Trail as a way to relieve a lot of stress and get away from his lovely, but nagging wife. And he seems to not be alone. Residents use this trail as a getaway from reality, from their lives. The trees encompass you completely, so much that you are excluded from the outside world. You are able to walk on this trail and stare at nothing but trees, engulfed in the world of mother nature and your own thoughts. Who would not want the ability to just escape for a few hours at a destination just a few minutes away from your home.

image_17 As a Vassar student, one without knowledge of the area, without a car and who doesn’t leave campus too often, it was inaccessible and difficult to get to and fairly uninteresting. Yet, it was a great getaway. I did not think of classes resuming next week, missing my family or about writing this paper. I simply walked down a simple path, surrounded by trees and my simple thoughts. Looking back, it was one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had on a trail and the only time I was surrounded by locals who were enjoying the benefits of the Hudson Valley.


What a Wonderful…Thrift Shop

image (1)

Hola Dudes and Dudettes,

To the my fellow classmates, I would like to say: Welcome to the blogosphhere! We are very delighted that you have moved over to the tech side of things. You are no longer an average citizen, but a media HERO. Which is a fairly big deal, in my opinion. And to those interested in the Hudson Valley, thank you for stopping by our page to read about the wonderful sights and wonders that are in the Hudson Valley. I am very certain it will be fantastic viewing all that the Hudson Valley has to offer.


I am typically referred to by my given name, Yasani (pronounced Ja-sani). However, I prefer to be called by my more modest name, Alien Technical Drama Savior. I feel this name captures the essence of my being, putting all of my wonderful abilities and characteristics into one fantastic phrase.

I am pretty well-rounded in the technical side of things. I guess you can say I know my way around a computer, well more like media software. I also am infatuated with the theatre. I love acting as well as watching, which is way less stressful. I consider myself an alien, as I am apart of the physics loving, science devoted species. I am an intended physics major, hoping to be apart of the engineering program. Lastly, I love clothes, the environment and FOOOD. Like this wonderful spread of sauces below! pic2

Our first stop in our Hudson Valley Experience was the quaint town of Amenia. Here we stopped at a wonderfully small farmer’s market. Above is an assortment of products that one vendor was selling that come straight from Greece. He had a superb variety of flavored olive oils, as well as fresh feta cheese and different sauces, all of which made my mouth jump for joy.

pic3Other vendors had a plethora of other items, such as locally produced milk, yogurt, and ice cream, fresh vegetables, and baked goods made from local products.

The farmer’s market of Amenia reflects the kind of town it is: small, quaint, and non-commercial. The two main streets in Amenia stop at “a light” in the center of the town. Unlike most towns, these main roads were not busy at all and neither were the little shops surrounding them. With a small antique store that is open “less than more” and a drive-in movie that hasn’t even begun showing any films, it is safe to say that this town isn’t a tourist destination in the Hudson Valley. It is, however, a great, quiet place to stop through and do some great antique or thrift shopping.