Dazed n’ Dairy’d

I whip across the Vassar Bubble as swiftly as my longboard will take me as the time hits 1:15 (our departure time) and I am still about 500 yards from the runway. Flyin’ past cars, humans, and squirrels alike; I was just praying that the van hadn’t taken off yet. Thankfully, I made it on time and our posse piled into the van and off we went on another Hudson Valley Adventure.

Driving north along the Hudson River we passed the neighboring school of Bard. A small liberal arts college very similar to Vassar, with a campus almost just as breathtaking. We continued on our way, allowing the swift breeze to carry us all the way to Columbia County and into the peaceful retreat known as Grazin’ Angus Acres.

Stumbling out the van I saw a small, rustic farm, it immediately reminded me of home. From the top of a small hill to our right a young woman walked down to meet us. She was a highly educated youngster from Texas who moved to the Hudson Valley in hopes of one day owning her own dairy farm. She was extremely knowledgeable of farming, food, the environment, and the politics surrounding her lifestyle. She then took us up onto the hill she had recently descended to meet the cows she worked with every single day. There were about 20 or so dairy cows roaming the hillside. Eating, eating, and more eating. Grass didn’t stand a chance against the ferocious herbivores. What surprised me more than anything was how friendly the cows were. It was a beautiful thing to connect with a being that wasn’t human. Overall, it was an extremely enlightening experience – and here is my homie Carol…


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