Hello everyone! My name is Grace Riley. I am from the Big Island of Hawai’i in a town called Hilo. Im a Junior Urban Studies Major with concentrations in Political Science and Women’s Studies. Having grown up in Hawai’i, I am accustomed to the idea of locally grown fruits and vegetables and cool Farmers Markets. However, the Farmers Market in Hilo would be described as a little more hectic and diverse than the quaint little Market in Amenia.


What first struck me about the Farmers Market in Amenia was that it had very little fresh fruits and vegetables and more baked goods, homemade products, and dairy! This is very different from the Farmers Markets I am used to seeing back home. However, the food looked amazing and I was temped to buy it all!


These handmade soaps immediately caught my attention. They were so pretty!


Walking out of the Farmers Market and into the town center of Amenia was an interesting experience. The center of Amenia is home to the only stop light in the town as well as a quirky antique store. This is telling of where the population of Amenia resides and how the town wan’t to appear to outsiders; a unique, little town with much character.