Grace Ginther

Hi! My name is Grace Ginther. I’m from Levittown, New York and I am the second oldest of six children. My father rebuilt our house just after I was born and I have lived there my entire life. I don’t see myself ever moving too far away from New York because I want to be near my humongous family (my mother is one of seven and my father is one of nine). I have unfortunately never left the east coast of the United States but I hope to visit somewhere soon – maybe Puerto Rico, where my mom’s parents are from, or at least Portland Oregon, where my best friend from college is from. Maybe once I leave the east coast I’ll even go crazy and leave the country all together!


I’m a semi-athletic person, a little because I was fortunate enough to be built for movement and athleticism and also because my parents encouraged and enforced movement in the form of organized sports and other play. Soccer is my favorite sport; I played it from three years old all the way through high school, as did most of my family – it’s the family sport. I also began dancing when I was three too but unfortunately had to choose between dance and soccer when I was around thirteen and ended up quitting dance. I fortunately started up tap dancing again in college with a bunch of my friends! Besides that I like to read, watch movies and hang out with my friends. I’m not usually a very social person, preferring to be on my own doing my favorite individual pursuits, but when I do choose to hang out with others we always have a great time. I like to say I’ve just been saving up my energy and that’s why I’m so over-the-top when I’m with other people.

I’m not sure what my plans for the future may be but I’m not too worried yet. If I can, I like to plan things down to the last, smallest detail usually. But if I feel things cannot be concretely pinned down, I’m fine with just seeing where things go and just letting things happen as they will or waiting to make decisions when I have a better understanding and more information.