Film Production: Working with Phones

Here are some ideas to shoot on your phones.

Please discuss with your partner and pick one that appeals to you for next week.

The goal is to spend 10 minutes shooting, and then to edit and publish it all in 90 minutes!

  1. Inform your parents
  2. Video Letter
  3. Thank You Video
  4. Movie Synopsis in 60 seconds
  5. Take a Stand
  6. One minute lip sync
  7. Book Trailer about a favorite book
  8. Movie Synopsis

  1. 03:46
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Baynard Bailey

I am an Academic Computing Consultant for Vassar College.

Baynard Bailey

I have a Master’s degree in Education with a focus on Instructional Technology. I taught for 16 years before coming to Vassar. love to develop multimedia projects in support of learning and teaching.

I am VC ’90 and a product of Vassar’s Education department. I have K-16 teaching experience in Indonesia, Japan and the United States. My last job before coming to Vassar was teaching Computer Science and Information Technology at Carver Center for Arts & Technology in the Baltimore County School System.

About me – Nike Ye

Hello, My name is Naike Ye, preferred to be called Nike. When they first meet me people say that I have a cool name for that it’s the name of the famous sports brand Nike, and that’s how people usually remember me!:)

I am from Beijing, China, a first-year student here at Vassar. I used to study in an international school implementing International Baccalaureate program for three years prior to coming to Vassar, and my high school life helped me navigate my interests in sciences. I also enjoy collaborating with others and work with students so I am also thinking of majoring in Education. One project that I have dedicated most of my time outside of classroom was working with the Bethel China Organization, which runs institutions that adopt orphans in local areas that are of visual impairments (you could find more information visiting We’ve been trying to raise people’s awareness and offering support in the ways we could. You could subscribe to our Facebook Page: to see our achievements for the past years and keep updated.

I look forward to working with all of you and am excited to explore how we could utilize technologies to enforce literacy teaching/learning in different content areas and how they could elicit critical discourses on different issues.