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All About Annissa

There once was a girl named Annissa Isaacs, though people called her Tori. She was born in Jacoby Hospital in the Bronx near Parkchester where she lived for a couple months before moving to Jamaica. When she was in Jamaica, around 2001, she was attending school. Then she came back to America in 2002, where she led her very uneventful life in a very uneventful Poughkeepsie. Until she went to Florida! Where she met her best friend Lucky! Her dog! She’s a German Shepard Chow!


Her interests are: Acting, Dancing, Reading, Being Annoying, Laughing, Crew, Road Trips, Being Physically Conservative (not lazy), Science… And oxtail!! A lot of oxtail!!

dreamstime_2518735 OXTAIL_full

After high school Tori wants to join the army to help her pay for college. She has no idea what college she wants to go to, but it must be a performing arts college. She wants to live in Florida with six children!