Participants in Art 284 “Design in Living Things” in front of the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center.
Back row (left to right): Jonathan Donaldson, Marshall Hendrickson.
Middle row (left to right): Kristine Olson, Mariclare Dasigenis, Merra Howe, Angelica Isgro, Karen Lucic, Katherine Lukacher, Nozomi Harris-Koizumi, Tiffany Win, Jacinthe Sasson-Yenor.
Bottom row (left to right): Adeleene Rockwell, Sierra Starr, Sarah Bane, Victoria Weiss, Danielle Gibbons


Professor Karen Lucic and the students of Art 284: Design in Living Things would sincerely like to thank the following for their dedicated support, invaluable wisdom and enthusiasm for the exhibition:

Liliana Aguis, Benjamin Barney, Bruce Bernstein, Elaine Blechman, Amy Bocko, Diane Butler, Sharyn Cadogan, Rebecca Chartier, Dolores Elliott, Rishad Gambhir, Edward J. Guarino, Gallery 17 Peck, Karen Casey Hines, Terrol Dew Johnson, David Lintz, John McCartin, Molly McGlennen, James Mundy, Glen Nipshank, Mary Paganelli, Joann Potter, Spencer Richards, Harry Roseman, Nicole Roylance, Matthew Slaats, Mike Tarbell, Marc Winters

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