Darwin's Devices


With his students and collaborators, John Long designs, builds, and uses biorobots.  Biorobots are a special class of robot built to test ideas about how animals work.

John has helped create these biorobots:  MARMT, RayBot, Robot Madeleine, and Tadro.

These robots were built with our industrial partners:

Farco Technologies, Inc.

Nekton Research (now the maritime division of iRobot, Inc.) built Robot Madeleine for our experiments on the evolution of flippered locomotion.  Here, in a segment that was produced for Australian Broadcast Network’s “Beyond Tomorrow,” Madeleine swims in both remote control mode (with the cable attached) and autonomous mode (without a cable, on her own). –>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcc6UTlEDlw


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