VCCG History and Leadership
In 2017, the Poughkeepsie Farm Project handed over management of the Community Garden to a team of volunteers, all of whom are garden members. The current garden managers, elected in September of 2018, are Mary Nisley (plot 6C&D), Myra Hughey (21G&H), Carlie Graves (9A&B). We manage all aspects of the gardens from registration and finances to the maintenance of the garden space to fielding questions to resolving issues within the gardens. We hope to make the Vassar College Community Gardens a better space for everyone.  You may contact us at vccomgardens@gmail.com.

In the mid 2010s, the VCCG was fenced to protect the plots from deer, with funding provided by Vassar College.  After the fencing was installed, gardeners were permitted to keep the same plot from year to year, giving each gardener a chance to steward their plot for the long term.

Prior to management by the Poughkeepsie Farm Project, the VCCG plots were managed by garden volunteer Ginny Banks for many years.