Remember, I am Human Too!


I have dreams of building my family a home

something we never had

but a dream we have always wanted

A home where we could run free

free from hate and shame

free from the names you gave us:

the immigrant

the illegal

the unwanted alien,

the uninvited people that could never and who should never belong.

But our home would be different!

It will care for us

nourish us

protect us

teach us

A home that I know on-lookers would be proud of.

This home would tower over injustice

shield US from bigotry

illuminate OUR worthiness

and welcome ALL who wish to be set free.

Why should we continue to live in fear,

away from those we love and from those who love us?

Why should we be different, without a place to call OUR home?

Maybe it’ll take me years to build this home for my family

Maybe they will never be able to live and see this beautiful home…

But it is sad that I should build this home alone

Its is even sadder to know that I face a double-edged sword:

building this home is a burden I have to carry, but a responsibility that I will have to do.

and I am prepared.

Others like me are also prepared

to build our home … together.

But I wonder, why should this be a dream?

Before you answer

just please remember,

that I am human too.



Peace & Love.