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Who We Are

Vassar College Campus Patrol is a student-operated complement to the college’s professional security force working in tandem with Safety & Security and the Office of Residential Life to provide the Vassar community with the highest level of safety possible.

Our walking units patrol the residential houses, paying particular attention to any suspicious behavior that might endanger the community or property. Like Safety and Security, patrollers occasionally must ask to see a Vassar ID.  Please remember that our primary goal is to keep the campus safe for you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel there is a way in which we could serve our community more effectively.

We operate from 8-12 on the weekday and from 9:30pm-1:30am on the weekends.

The Supervisors

A supervisor (also known as Unit 5) works with the patrollers through every shift. Unit 5s are among the most experienced patrollers and are trained to handle a variety of special situations that may arise throughout the night. During a shift, their base of operations is the Patrol office at Josselyn House.

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