Keeping Current

The specific objectives of Asprey CCAS Keeping Current are to support faculty in their efforts to 1) develop new research methods and skills that will lead to increased scholarly opportunities resulting in publications and conference presentations, 2) incorporate new expertise into their research programs, particularly those suitable for undergraduate student participation, and 3) integrate the newly acquired skills into the curriculum.  Supported activities may include travel to a collaborator’s lab to learn new research techniques, attendance at a course/workshop, and hosting of a skills-based faculty workshop on the Vassar campus.  A brief post-activity report is required.  Past awards have been in the $300 to $2400 range.

Keeping Current Application

  • Proposal and Review Guidelines

    Requests for funds will be reviewed by ACCAS. Awards will be determined based on 1) the degree to which the proposed activity will meet the objectives of Keeping Current, and 2) the cost of the activity. All applications should address how the proposed activities will achieve one or more of the specific objectives of the Keeping Current. In reviewing applications, priority will be given to requests that have an explicitly computational or quantitative focus.

    Faculty members who receive funding will be expected to provide a brief (1-2 page), written summary of how their award was used, including a description of how the award supported the objectives of the fund. This summary should be submitted within one year of receiving the funds.

    Application Process

    All Vassar College science faculty members are encouraged to apply, regardless of rank or status (although, preference will be given to full-time continuing faculty). Applications should be submitted using the Keeping Current Application Form.

    There is a rolling deadline. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the applicant upon submission of the form. Applicants will be notified of the funding decisions within two weeks of submission.

  • In the space above, write a clear and concise description of the activity for which you are requesting funding. Please include 1) a clear description of how the request will meet the objectives of Keeping Current, and 2) a general description of how the funds will be used. Please keep in mind that faculty from disparate disciplines comprise the review committee and may be unfamiliar with your sub-discipline.
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  • In the space above, provide specific justification for your requested funds. Please make an effort to explain the distribution of your funds, and give details regarding travel destinations, accommodations, supplies, photocopies, etc. If you are requesting funds for a course or workshop, please provide details of the costs, such as tuition, room, and board.

Direct questions to Asprey CCAS Acting Director Allan Clifton (