Conversations Unbound (charlotte@conversationsunbound.org)

Conversations Unbound Vassar Chapter (CUVC) is an pre-org that works with Conversations Unbound, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers forcibly displaced individuals as Arabic or Spanish language tutors for college students. As a chapter, we will integrate CU’s mission of fostering cross-cultural bonds into everyday Vassar life, taking CU beyond the classrooms that use our program. We will engage the VC student body by promoting Conversation Unbound’s mission and student-tutor relationships through creative fundraisers, photography, and dialogue. Please join us in our efforts to promote global citizenship on Vassar campus!

The Fashion Network

TEDxVassar (vassarted.vsa@vassar.edu)

TEDxVassar is an organization that aims to share and discuss innovative and relevant ideas. Our meetings consist of watching TED talks and planning for our very own TEDxVassar event in March 2021.

Vassar Post-Pasteurization Alliance (VPPA) (vppa.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar Step TeamVassar Veterans Association

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