Activism/Social Justice

March for Our Lives 

We are a chapter of the national March for Our Lives movement. We focus on gun violence prevention and local political activism and organizing. Follow us on @mfolvassar on Instagram to learn more!

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM)

We are a global network of university students who believe that our universities have an opportunity and a responsibility to improve global access to public health goods. The network consists of hundreds of university and college students who work towards making medicines more affordable and adequate for all. Universities and publicly funded research institutions will be part of the solution to the access to medicines crisis by promoting medical innovation in the public interest and ensuring that all people regardless of income have access to medicines. Our work is guided at all times by principles of non-partisanship, democracy, transparency, solidarity and respect.

Vassar Asian American Studies Working Group (VASAM)

The Vassar Asian American Studies Working Group (VASAM) is a non-hierarchical student organization dedicated to facilitating discussion and action to strengthen Asian American Studies as a field at Vassar College, as well as fortify the critical lens applied to ethnic studies more broadly. Using a variety of strategies and avenues including coalitional organizing with other student orgs, meeting with faculty, departments, and administration, as well as organizing public events, the Working Group strives to achieve its mission with humility, conscience, and conviction.