Preliminary Organizations

Conversations Unbound (

Conversations Unbound Vassar Chapter (CUVC) is an pre-org that works with Conversations Unbound, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers forcibly displaced individuals as Arabic or Spanish language tutors for college students. As a chapter, we will integrate CU’s mission of fostering cross-cultural bonds into everyday Vassar life, taking CU beyond the classrooms that use our program. We will engage the VC student body by promoting Conversation Unbound’s mission and student-tutor relationships through creative fundraisers, photography, and dialogue. Please join us in our efforts to promote global citizenship on Vassar campus!

Doctors Without Borders 

Doctors Without Borders at Vassar aims to enhance understanding, raise awareness, and knowledge about Doctors Without Border’s work in the field and humanitarian issues, encourage students to consider working with non-governmental organizations post graduation, support DWB in advocacy campaigns through fundraising, contribute to a global movement in providing medical aid where it’s needed the most, and build networking between Vassar students who are passionate about the global movement.


Gradient is an group that’s been around and organizing unofficially for 3+ years before recently becoming a preorg. We are a group that strives to center the voices of male identifying people of color at vassar . We currently meet on a weekly basis and have programing scattered throughout the year.

Jujitsu Club 

Just… Write (

It’s hard to write alone. Just…Write exists so that you don’t have to. Come to a quiet room, meet other writers, but most importantly? Just write.
Emphasis on creative writing, but of no particular genre, medium, or style.

Let’s Nacho – A Bollywood Dance Org (

Let’s Nacho is a non-audition Bollywood Dance Club that aims to raise awareness about various forms of Indian Dance. It allows people from all backgrounds to experience this unique dance form and participate in all year round showcases, which include collaborations with SASA.

March for Our Lives 

We are a chapter of the national March for Our Lives movement. We focus on gun violence prevention and local political activism and organizing. Follow us on @mfolvassar on Instagram to learn more!

Refresh Bolivia (

Refresh Bolivia is an entirely student-run NGO that empowers impoverished and underserved communities of Cochabamba, Bolivia through sanitation, health, education, and research. As an NGO that operates nationwide as a coalition of university chapters, Refresh Bolivia expanded to Vassar as of last year. As the official chapter for Refresh Bolivia, this pre-org gives Vassar students the opportunity to volunteer at the annual trips to Bolivia sponsored by the NGO, as well as contribute to various global health projects domestically to contribute to the NGO’s fight against the health disparity gap in Cochabamba.

Roadway to Research in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Bioinformatics (DAB)  (

Roadway to Research in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Bioinformatics (DAB) works to provide high school students in the Hudson Valley with insight into the computational research industry. We run weekly seminars which aim to develop foundational skills in coding (Python/R/PyMOL), statistics/mathematics, and artificial intelligence techniques used in bioinformatics. This will help students both at Vassar and in high school to prepare for a future dependent on these powerful analytical techniques. Overall, our goal is to provide high school students a valuable resource through which they may explore their interests beyond the classroom, whilst sparking their passion for DAB through mentoring.

Secular Students Alliance

We are a community of atheists, humanists, agnostics, and anyone interested in the non-theist community and the political issues that motivate us, such as separation of church and state and the protection of non-theist rights.

Sikh Student Association

TEDxVassar (

TEDxVassar is an organization that aims to share and discuss innovative and relevant ideas. Our meetings consist of watching TED talks and planning for our very own TEDxVassar event in March 2021.

The Fashion Network

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM)

We are a global network of university students who believe that our universities have an opportunity and a responsibility to improve global access to public health goods. The network consists of hundreds of university and college students who work towards making medicines more affordable and adequate for all. Universities and publicly funded research institutions will be part of the solution to the access to medicines crisis by promoting medical innovation in the public interest and ensuring that all people regardless of income have access to medicines. Our work is guided at all times by principles of non-partisanship, democracy, transparency, solidarity and respect.

Vassar Asian American Studies Working Group (VASAM)

The Vassar Asian American Studies Working Group (VASAM) is a non-hierarchical student organization dedicated to facilitating discussion and action to strengthen Asian American Studies as a field at Vassar College, as well as fortify the critical lens applied to ethnic studies more broadly. Using a variety of strategies and avenues including coalitional organizing with other student orgs, meeting with faculty, departments, and administration, as well as organizing public events, the Working Group strives to achieve its mission with humility, conscience, and conviction.

Vassar Card Sharks (

We are the Vassar Card Sharks, an organization dedicated to learning and playing card games from around the world both in-person and sometimes online. We play President, Mao, No Thanks, Hearts, Spades, some social deduction card games like Avalon, and more! Come and join us at the Retreat on Saturdays at 3:30pm, and ask to be added to our mailing list at

Vassar Cricket Club

Vassar FIMRC (

We are a prehealth organization that works with kids both in the community and overseas. In the past we have volunteered at local elementary schools and taught children’s science lessons. We have also partnered with a home for disabled children in upstate NY and have been involved with the kids there! We plan to send students to Costa Rica next year to work at our international clinics and learn about the field of medicine overseas.

Vassar Post-Pasteurization Alliance (VPPA) (

Vassar Toastmasters (

Vassar Rotaract Toastmasters is a chartered club of Toastmasters International, a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to improving people’s communication and leadership skills. Our club mission is to provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. We welcome people of all speaking and leadership levels to check out our club.

Vassar Step TeamVassar Veterans Association (VVA) (

Working Titles