Britomartis (

Britomartis is a non-hierarchical devised theater ensemble that makes a show from scratch every semester. We collaborate as a group of actors, designers, writers, directors, Cartesian philosophers, musicians, puppets with no masters, arsonists, practicing witches, animatronic rats, friends, and lovers to create original theater together.

Future Waitstaff of America (FWA) (

Future Waitstaff of America (FWA) is Vassar’s student theatre musical producing organization. We produce 2-4 full length musicals, as well as a series of cabarets, workshops, and other events every year.

Idlewild (,

Idlewild Theatre Ensemble is a non-hierarchical, collaborative theatre ensemble for women and nonbinary people who feel comfortable in a space centered around women. We aim to provide opportunities for women and non-binary people in all theatre disciplines to explore their theatrical interests in a safe and comfortable environment, as well as educate the Vassar community about the varying opportunities for women and non-binary people in theatre. By producing works that illuminate the roles for women in theatre, we hope to compel our audience to think critically about both theatre and contemporary issues.

Merely Players (

Merely Players is a student theater organization that produces works of classical theater and Shakespeare, or works derived from those traditions. Merely Players is a teaching organization, with a focus on making these works accessible to any thespian, regardless of experience. The directors and Executive Board work to produce successful shows through a theatrical process grounded in building an understanding of the text and the classical theater tradition surrounding it.

Shakespeare Troupe (

We are a non-hierarchical theatre ensemble. We spend each spring dreaming up a zany, imaginative, and scrappy interpretation of a Shakespeare play and perform it outdoors in early May.

Shiva Theatre (

The Susan Stein Shiva Theater is Vassar College’s very own student theater performance space. Run by Vassar students, exclusively for Vassar students, theaters like the Shiva are a rare gem on American campuses; it is designed to give Vassar students the creative and real-world education provided by any professional theater. Everything from the management and technical consultancy of the theater to the technical and artistic direction of weekly events is a product of student initiative.

The Philaletheis Society (

The Philaletheis Society is the oldest student organization at Vassar, and we now act as one of the primary student theater production organizations. We usually produce straight plays, but have also produced student-written work and musicals! We also hold multiple play-writing festivals, special events, and theater-centered workshops!

Unbound Student Theater (

Unbound is Vassar’s only theater group devoted solely to experimental theater. We are interested in producing theater that does not fit the mold of typical Vassar productions and that pushes the boundaries of what theater can be. Founded in 1996 as a political theater group, Unbound has expanded its focus to include all forms of alternative performance, including student-written works, devised productions, and anything else you can think of.

Vassar College Alliance of Theatre Technicians (VCATT) (,

VCATT provides equipment and guidance to the campus’ many student theatre orgs. Our main purpose is to aid the technical side of student theatre productions, as well as other events on a case-by-case basis. We have a large stock of equipment that production teams can request to borrow and we hold office hours every week to answer any questions that students may have.

Woodshed (

Woodshed is a student ­run collaborative theater ensemble that strives to utilize the skills of each of its members to generate thought ­provoking full ­length productions. Ensemble members are highly encouraged to explore new avenues as well as pursue their pre­existing theatrical interests during their time in Woodshed. A group that fluctuates each semester, Woodshed’s productions have ranged from Shakespearean comedies to contemporary dramas, with members experimenting with various roles: as designers, directors, dramaturgs and actors. Woodshed is a non­hierarchical organization and values the voice of each of its members.

Vassar Filmmakers (,

We are a film appreciation and production org. Each year, we delve into all aspects of production to create a collection of short films, while also screening classics once a month. All one need to do to be a part of this org is have the drive to get involved.


Vassar College Television (VCTV) is Vassar’s premiere and only all student-run film production org. As a group of writers, directors, producers, and editors, we develop and shepherd creative projects through every step of the filmmaking process. Our work ranges from music videos to short films to web series.