Democracy Matters (democracymatters.vsa@vassar.edu)

Democracy Matters is a non-partisan, non-profit, national organization that strives to reinvigorate and further democratize our American political system. We are committed to meaningful campaign finance reform and voting rights to ensure that all Americans, regardless of wealth, have an audible voice in our political system and that grassroots political candidates are not discouraged from running because they do not have sufficient access to wealth. Some events include debate watch parties, voter registration, canvassing, democracy and doughnuts, absentee ballot delivery, internships, and attending the national student summit in Albany.

Feminist Alliance (femalliance.vsa@vassar.edu)

Forum for Political Thought (politicalthought.vsa@vassar.edu)

We are a group of students, faculty, and friends hoping to create a space for sustained, on-going conversation. Our conversations cover a whole slew of topics, conceive of different kinds of politics, and strive to look beyond the traditional confines of in-class discussion. We are hoping to open up a space that is more casual, where faculty, students, and members of the broader community, can get together and form new, meaningful connections and relationships.

Grassroots Alliance for Alternative Politics (gaap.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar College Republicans (vclu.vsa@vassar.edu)

The only right of center political organization at Vassar. We are primarily a discussion-based org, meeting weekly to reflect on current events, political philosophy and even opposing viewpoints. As a result, all political persuasions are welcome at VCR meetings.

Vassar Democrats (democrats.vsa@vassar.edu)

The aim of the Vassar College Democrats is to promote progressive ideals, further political discourse and diversity, and to empower young citizens through organized activism. Through discussion, canvassing, programming, debates, and GOTV efforts the Vassar Democrats work transparently, passionately, and honestly toward the adoption of progressive policies. Our organization responds to and reflects the ideologies and priorities of the members of the Vassar College Democrats.

Grassroots Alliance for Alternative Politics (gaap.vsa@vassar.edu)