Barefoot Monkeys (BFM) (,

The Barefoot Monkeys (BFM) are Vassar’s one and only circus troupe. We put on 4 shows a year, 2 inside and 2 outside during which we spin fire! BFM is an open space where anyone can come and go as they please to learn a variety of circus skills from juggling to staff and poi spinning and acro balancing.

Burlesque (

Vassar Burlesque is focused on fostering radical self-love. Through weekly workshops, safe spaces, and community-building exercises, we collectively engage and break down topics like gender, sexuality and body positivity. We also put on striptease shows open to the Vassar community where we use performance as a means to heal and reclaim. Through Burlesque, we hope to make space for vulnerability, self-growth and empathy, and to empower our performers & audiences.


UJIMA is an arts and performance organization that was created to provide a safe space for students of color to collaborate and share their art with the community at large. We are comprised of five smaller collectives, vocalists, dancers, musicians, poets, and visual artists.

VC Royalty (

Vassar College Royalty is the only org that is dedicated to queer performance. Provide a safe space on campus for students to explore gender and queerness in relation to performance art. Provide resources and guidance for students in terms of makeup, drag performance, and self-exploration.