Accidentals (,

The Vassar Accidentals is Vassar’s best and only all men/non-binary acapella group. We arrange and perform a variety on modern music for the Vassar community.

Aircapella (

We are Vassar’s premiere, all-whistling a-cappella group, AirCappella. We combine a group of students interested in dedication, camaraderie, fun, and whistling in order to impress and woo our audiences.

BAM! (,

BAM, or Broadway and More, is a co-ed a cappella group from Vassar College. Selectively chosen, this high-energy group arranges its own dynamic versions of everyone’s favorite showtunes. While Broadway is certainly at the core of its repertoire, the group also loves to perform upbeat pop hits by a wide variety of artists such as The Beatles, Pentatonix, Disney, Ingrid Michaelson, …and MORE!

Beauty and the Beats (,

As an all-gender, all-grade a capella group specializing in Disney music, we accept the responsibility of bringing the beauty of our genre to the greater Vassar community. We seek to touch the hearts of many with brilliantly arranged tunes that turn timeless classics into evocative, stirring jams. By doing this, our group members will develop their musical talents and learn invaluable skills for life.

Camerata (

Vassar Camerata is the college’s only student-run early music ensemble. Our choir and chamber orchestra study and perform a broad range of music from circa 800 to 1800, C.E. Since its founding in 2004, our organization has welcomed students from all majors and musical backgrounds. Derived from the earlier usage associated with “chamber,” our name celebrates chamber music and musical gatherings of friends.

Home Brewed (,

Home brewed is Vassar’s oldest, coolest all gender a cappella group. We sing a variety of music and have a great time doing it. We love to travel to events and other schools to spread fun and music to the Vassar community and beyond!

Mahagonny Ensemble (

The Mahagonny Ensemble seeks to establish a presence for contemporary and modern classical music onVassar’s campus, performing classical compositions of the 20th and 21st centuries. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for students to become acquainted with an under-represented genre of music, the vital musical techniques it requires, and the experiences for diversification of performance that it affords. The Mahagonny Ensemble is also dedicated to the continuation of the tradition of classical music, giving a platform for student composers of the Vassar community, alumae/i composers, and composers from the surrounding area to have newly composed works performed for a public audience.

Majors (

Majors is a student-run, gender inclusive choir that performs a variety of choral repertoire ranging from Rachmaninov to Billy Joel. Within the last few years, Majors has put on semesterly concerts on campus in addition to performing at venues in Poughkeepsie and even out of state! Rehearsal occurs twice a week, allowing members to easily manage other commitments. Majors strives to create a collaborative musical environment which is simultaneously fun and challenging for choristers with any type of previous choral experience. You do not need to be a music major or correlate to join.

Measure 4 Measure (

Measure 4 Measure is an a cappella group founded in 1981 at Vassar College. Historically an all-female group, Measure 4 Measure is now made up of female identifying and non-binary individuals. Not tied by genre, the members of M4M choose songs to arrange each semester based on the ever-changing musical interests of the group. The group holds several concerts a year, and often features guest groups from other universities. Additionally, M4M travels to sing with other collegiate a cappella groups. They hold auditions at the beginning of each semester, and record a CD every few years.

Night Owls (

The Night Owls is an all-women’s gender inclusive a cappella group. Our mission is to rehearse and perform our repertoire for a variety of audiences and purposes, within Vassar and beyond. In fulfilling this mission, the Night Owls perform at private and public venues, travel to a variety of locations including an annual tour, and raise money for charitable causes. Having been established in 1942, the Night Owls are devoted to preserving and representing the important Vassar traditions of music and women’s empowerment.

Vassar College Sound System (

Vassar College Sound System is the only DJ org on campus and the main place that all other orgs look to for DJing events! Come learn how to DJ and you’ll be ready to play music at any event in no time! All music genres welcome!

Vassar Devils (

The Vassar Devils are known for their tight harmonies, polished sound, complex arrangements, and infectious sense of fun. Their diverse, constantly growing repertoire includes a variety of genres, from pop hits, to indie ballads, to classic rock, to sexy jazz (and even some original music written by their members!). In addition to performing for the Vassar community, they just finished recording a professional studio album, Words Unsaid, released in June 2020!

Vassar Student Musicians Union (StuMu) (

StuMu is dedicated to promoting and facilitating music made by Vassar students on campus. Aside from our monthly showcase-style concerts featuring student bands, we also put on a wide variety of smaller scale programming where student musicians can share their work and develop skills, such as our songwriting circles, meet-and-greets to find new collaborators, and audio technology workshops. Additionally, we manage, book, and maintain the fully-equipped practice space in the basement of Blodgett where bands can jam and rehearse.

Vastards (

The Vastards are an all-gender nostalgia pop acapella group. Almost fifteen years in the making, we sing all the songs you loved in Middle School, or at least the songs you loved to hate.

ViCE Music (

ViCE Music’s goal is to organize, host, and collaborate on music events throughout the year, with our main focus being The Welcome Back Show and Spring Concert. We reach out to artists via our middle agent, and work to find artists that are not only fun, but are appropriate to bring to campus. We strive to create events that the whole campus, as well as the Poughkeepsie community, can enjoy and feel safe at.

ViCE Weekly (

We curate small concerts with artists, singers, rappers etc for the Vassar community! In past years, we have brought Isaiah Rashad, SZA, and a slew of other great performers, along with a wide variety of local and underground artists.


WVKR is a college radio station that serves the Poughkeepsie community and 5 northeastern states. We play an eclectic array of music and have podcasts as well. This org connects students and community DJs.