Vassar Alliance of Women in Foreign Affairs (VAWFA) (

Vassar Alliance of Women in Foreign Affairs (VAWFA) is an organization serving as a network, resource, and outlet for women interested in foreign affairs. United by common academic interests, VAWFA hopes to create a space for discussing current affairs and careers to supplement work done by other Vassar affiliates. All members of our alliance are committed to pursue the equalization of education and careers for women in foreign affairs. We hope to create a network that endures beyond our years at Vassar, allow others to achieve their aspirations, and eliminate gender disparities in professional fields.

Vassar Business Club (

The Vassar Business Club strives to provide a space for students to be inspired by smart people (alums, professors, and current students) in a variety of fields, and to learn, reflect on their goals and post-grad plans, find mentors, give back to underclassmen, think about self-improvement, and explore various opportunities. We host workshops of all kinds, “Fireside” Chats with alums, connect students to opportunities, and collaborate with several offices on campus to co-sponsor all different types of programming.

Vassar College Pre- Veterinary and Animal Science Club (PAWS)

As an organization we aim to create a space for individuals who are interested in pursuing a professional career that involves working with animals. We provide information about field work, research, and grad school, as well as regular opportunities for students to gain experience working with animals through animal rescues, veterinarians, and sanctuaries around the Hudson Valley area. We are centered around education and volunteer work and actively try to promote a stronger connection between local animal related organizations and Vassar.

Vassar Finance Club (

The Vassar Finance and Consulting Club is an organization tailored for those interested in learning about or pursuing a career in finance and consulting. We have weekly meetings where we discuss market news, learn technicals, offer career advice, and resume reviews. We have started a pro-bono consulting initiative this year where we consult for businesses/organizations off and on-campus. We plan to send teams to consulting competitions and stock pitching challenges this year as well.

Vassar Healthcare Industry Club (

Our intended purpose is to provide Vassar students exposure to a diverse array of careers and opportunities in the business of healthcare. We hope to introduce new career paths, connections, and information for those interested in or unaware of the vast possibilities within the realm of business and healthcare. With talks and panels from successful alumni, networking, and company field trips, we will exemplify career paths in areas that currently lack exposure on campus including pharmaceuticals, healthcare cosmetics, biotechnology, hospital management, artificial intelligence, genetics, women’s health, etc. This organization wants to highlight the diversity in the healthcare industry, which we will accomplish by hosting events and inviting successful alumni in the healthcare industry that represent marginalized groups such as women, people of color, LGBTQ+, and low socioeconomic status.

Vassar Law Club

The Vassar Law Club serves as a unifying organization for students of all academic and personal backgrounds who are interested in learning more about the legal path or in law more generally—through various and exciting programming and opportunities to network. VLC hopes to serve as a resource and a bridge between administrative offices, the alumnae/i network, and the current student body as students prepare to set off in building their careers and networks.

VC++ (

VC++ is Vassar’s only computer science centered org. Our goal is to build a strong computer science community on campus. Next year, we’re working on creating a student-run makerspace, setting up an interview prep & study group, and running multiple workshops.

Vassar Debate Society (

We have 3 goals: to promote debate among Vassar College students, to attend and host intercollegiate parliamentary debate tournaments, and to teach people how to craft and articulate arguments both for and against a given issue.

French Club (

The Vassar College French Club is a student-led organization that brings French and Francophone Studies-related programing to the campus. We have held info sessions for current first years and sophomores hoping to study away, partnered with the French Department on a film festival, and planned a trip to an art museum (that we unfortunately couldn’t go on because of Covid-19). The French Club is open to all students interested in French and/or Francophone culture, regardless of their experience speaking French.

Mock Trial (