African Students Union (

A non-affinity org for students of African Descent and those who show interest in African culture.

Asian Students Alliance (ASA) (,

The primary goal of the Asian Students’ Alliance (ASA) is to develop a strong sense of identity and to educate the larger community about the issues concerning Asians and Asian Americans. ASA will provide support to its members and serve as a body to represent, to the best of its ability, the distinct cultures of all of the members of ASA. ASA’s support extends to the community of color at large, as well as other social awareness groups.

Black Students’ Union (BSU) (

The Black Students’ Union mission is to be an uplifting, productive environment for the Black-identifying community of Vassar College. We are dedicated to eradicating ignorance toward a plurality of black identities, and promoting positive change through education, motivation and advocacy for Black students at Vassar. We take pride in working to develop a lasting appreciation of social, moral, intellectual, and most of all, cultural values that can elevate the Black student in their pursuit of academia. The Black Student Union is constantly fundraising and hosting events, along with running the BSU Newsletter, Political Education Committee, Big Sib Little Sib. If you wish to know more, please contact us!

Chinese Students’ Community (

Vassar Chinese Student Community is an organization for students who identify as Chinese and anyone who is interested in Chinese culture, language, food, music, and etc. We hold celebrations for traditional Chinese holidays, collaborate with other orgs, and host discussions occasionally to share experiences and ideas. We aim to provide a classroom where members can share ideas with each other, a party house where members socialize and entertain, a safety net that students can fall back in crisis, a ladder that helps student thrive in academic and social endeavors, and a bridge connecting our members with the larger Vassar community.

Council of Alana Seniors (

Greek-Mediterranean Society

We support and promote Hellenic and Mediterranean culture and heritage at Vassar.

Japanese Association for Students (JAS)

The mission of JAS is to foster an open community of people seeking to connect with Japanese culture, such as through traditions, art, food, and language. We emphasize the authentic presentation of Japanese culture and the creation of mindful, inclusive, and accessible spaces, all of which provide a means of accessing Japanese culture that is open to all identities.

Latinx Student Union (LSU) (,

The Latinx Student Union is an organization that addresses the needs and concerns of the Latinx community at Vassar College, both as a supportive social group and an organization that takes action on various issues. We strive to promote communication and understanding between members of the Latinx Student Union and the greater Vassar community via: forums, lectures, and social events, while simultaneously providing a safe space for Latinx students on campus. Additionally, we strive to create opportunities for our members to maintain cultural connections by providing a variety of Latinx programming including activities and catered meals throughout the academic year.


We are an org representing students with ties to the Middle East and North Africa. We strive to create an inclusive environment for all and create events showcasing the culture and heritage of these regions.

Multiracial and Biracial Students Alliance (MBSA) (,

MBSA(Multiracial/Biracial Student Alliance) is a member of the ALANA center. We have weekly GB meetings where we discuss what it means to be multiracial/biracial both in the real world and at Vassar. We also have events during the fall and spring term relating to knowing and interacting with professors of color, and we host a coffeehouse event where we promote the art and talent of other students of color.

Native American Student Alliance (NAISA)

The Native American and Indigenous Student Alliance (NAISA) will provide a sense of community amongst Native American students on Vassar’s campus; while designed to be a space of a comfort and security for Native students, the organization is also open to allies. This organization serves as an acknowledgement to both Vassar students and faculty that Native Americans are not a historic figure, nor are all plagued by common stereotypes; this organization will both remember the hardships and traumas Indigenous peoples have survived and overcame, as well as the celebrate the achievements that have been and continue to be made.

Queer Coalition of Vassar College (QCVC) (


Vassar Sori is an all-inclusive student organization dedicated to promotion of Korean culture. Sori consists of two independent committees. The Drumming committee is a traditional Korean percussion ensemble that meets weekly to practice for performances in cultural events. The KSA committee organizes events such as movie nights, K-pop themed Mug Nights, and Kfest.

South Asian Students’ Alliance (SASA) (

The South Asian Students’ Alliance (SASA) aims to represent and showcase the diversity and diaspora of South Asia. In addition to weekly gatherings, we hold events including live South Asian music, lunches and dinners, and festivities to celebrate South Asian holidays. We highly value diversity, inclusivity, and a good time.

Southeast Asian Students Alliance (SEASA) (,

The Southeast Asian Students Alliance is an organization that provides a campus venue for non-judgmental learning and cultural exploration of Southeast Asia, its constituent countries, and the respective identities contained therein. SEASA seeks to facilitate student exploration of Southeast Asian cultures, giving specific heed to the many geo-political, sociological, and economic factors. In addition to weekly gatherings, we hold events that include food/dessert tasting (e.g. SEAfest and SEASA-nings), movie nights, and field trips.

Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA) (,

A group for students who identify as of Caribbean descent or feel connected to Caribbean heritage. Through general meetings, study abroad info sessions, field trips to other schools, sites and concerts, and lots of delicious food, we welcome you into a Caribbean community!


TBD is an org dedicated to providing a community space for trans/non-binary/non-cis students. We also advocate for students in this community by working with the administration to improve campus policies and provide resources and information to those who need it.

Chabad Jewish Community (

The Chabad Jewish Community has been a student org at Vassar since 2012. Chabad is a place where Jews of all backgrounds and degrees of observance can enjoy exploring their Jewish heritage in a warm, welcoming and accepting environment. Our programming includes weekly Shabbat dinners, classes, volunteer opportunities and numerous other events. No specific experience or background necessary!

Gender Inclusivity in STEM (

Vassar’s Gender Inclusivity in STEM is an organization dedicated to the promotion of marginalized gender identities in the STEM fields. We do this by building community on campus and beyond.

Vassar Catholic Community (

Vassar Catholic Community (VCC) is a religious student organization. All students are welcome: those who identify as Catholic, those who are interested in Catholicism, and those who are interested in exploring their spirituality/faith. VCC organizes Sunday Mass in the Chapel (or rides to local churches) and weekly meetings where students have critical discussions, build community, and participate in service projects.

Vassar Christian Fellowship (VXF) (,

Vassar Christian Fellowship is a non denominational Christian organization. We focus on loving God and loving people and spreading the joy of Christ through the college campus.

Vassar International Students Association (VISA) (

VISA is a student-run organisation that caters to Vassar’s international student body. By hosting events that celebrate and encourage diversity, we strive to promote a sense of community and identity as well as a safe space for international students to voice their needs.

Vassar Jewish Union (Hillel) (

The Vassar Jewish Union (VJU) seeks to strengthen the development of a pluralistic Jewish community, and to provide a spiritual and cultural home for Jewish expression at Vassar. We serve all members of the Vassar community, regardless of their background or form of Jewish expression. We offer weekly student-led Shabbat services followed by home-cooked vegan meals. We also host social events and holiday parties and ceremonies for the Jewish student body.

Vassar’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) (

Vassar’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) aims to provide a supportive network, space, and community for Muslim students on campus to enhance, maintain, and embody their faith to whatever degree they choose, as well as provide an environment that enables and encourages dialogue of issues pertinent to being Muslim in the 21st century. We also seek to serve the needs of anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim, who is interested in learning more about Islam through the works of the MSA. In addition, we aim to raise awareness against detrimental stereotypes against Muslims around the world.
We strive to provide an inclusive space where all students can build a close-knit community that extends beyond shared religious interests, while discussing topics pertinent to Islam in the 21st century.

Unitarian Universalists (

Vassar’s Unitarian Universalist group engages spirituality and social issues, working to build a welcoming community within the non-creedal traditions of the UU practice. Meetings are held once a week and students are encouraged to attend regardless of faith or spiritual practices.