Big Night In (

Big Night In (or BNI) is an organization dedicated to providing more interactive, inclusive, and accessible substance-free programming every weekend. We also collaborate with the Traditions Committee to host substance-free activities for Halloweekend and Founder’s Day. All events are open to the Vassar student body for those who want to enjoy an evening of substance-free fun. We are always open to new board members and volunteers who would like to help us brainstorm, plan, and execute creative and new ideas.

No Such Organization (NSO) (

At the NSO, we play games, all sorts of games — obscure board games, less obscure board games, roleplaying games, video games, card games. We also specialize in movies, anime, and are happy to announce our burgeoning social interaction hours, book clubs, and Cryptid Watch. With a not insignificant budget to deploy, we’ve amassed quite the collection of games, DVDs, nerf weaponry, and more, and if you’ve got something you’re interested in doing, you can always reach out to us about running an event for it! Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a novice looking to pick up a new hobby, or just someone who wants to spend a few hours in chill company, we’d be happy to have you!

Vassar Quiz Bowl (

Vassar Quiz Bowl was founded to create a community around the competitive and exciting game of quiz bowl. Members of this community build a lively space for fostering relationships and learning fun, engaging, and ultimately pointless trivia— in venues from casual practices to nationally-recognized tournaments. We remain committed to the idea that Quiz Bowl should never be cut-throat or elitist, but that it should provide a relaxed and welcoming space for friends to play academic trivia.

Vassar Smash Club (,

Super Smash Brothers is unique franchise that features all of Nintendo’s characters in a single, platform-based fighting game. While many recognize this game as a staple part of their early childhood, Smash also has strong place in e-sports competition. Vassar Smash Club aims to create an inclusive environment that encourages both casual and competitive play.

Senior Class Council 

The Senior Class Council is responsible for organizing class events, Senior Week programming, and overseeing the Daisy Chain. Through these efforts, the council is committed to creating a community amongst the senior class that is rooted in love and solidarity, extending past our time on campus together.