Certified Organizations

Accidentals (accidentals.vsa@vassar.edu, vcaxies@gmail.com)

The Vassar Accidentals is Vassar’s best and only all men/non-binary acapella group. We arrange and perform a variety on modern music for the Vassar community.

African Students Union (africanstudentsunion.vsa@vassar.edu)

A non-affinity org for students of African Descent and those who show interest in African culture.

Aikido (aikido.vsa@vassar.edu)

Aikido is a defensive Japanese martial art that revolves around using your opponent’s energy to diffuse confrontations without bringing harm to any party involved, including the attacker. For many years, Vassar has taught a rare strand of Aikido that integrates these aspects with live competition and sparring. We have historically held national festivals and seminars with masters and world champions.

Aircapella (aircapella.vsa@vassar.edu)

We are Vassar’s premiere, all-whistling a-cappella group, AirCappella. We combine a group of students interested in dedication, camaraderie, fun, and whistling in order to impress and woo our audiences.

Amnesty International (amnestyinternational.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Vassar chapter of Amnesty International is affiliated with the national human rights-based organization. Our group discusses and educates both ourselves and the wider Vassar community on issues of human rights throughout the world. We take actions such as letter-writing, fundraising, petition signing and lobbying in response to the issues we discuss.

Archery (archery.vsa@vassar.edu)

Archery club practices are open to all students, no experience or equipment necessary. We shoot targets on the field behind Kenyon, and sometimes we play archery games! Email archery.vsa@vassar.edu with any questions.

Asian Students Alliance (ASA) (vassar.asa@gmail.com, asianstudentsalliance.vsa@vassar.edu)

The primary goal of the Asian Students’ Alliance (ASA) is to develop a strong sense of identity and to educate the larger community about the issues concerning Asians and Asian Americans. ASA will provide support to its members and serve as a body to represent, to the best of its ability, the distinct cultures of all of the members of ASA. ASA’s support extends to the community of color at large, as well as other social awareness groups.

BAM! (broadwayacapella.vsa@vassar.edu, bamacapellavassar@gmail.com)

BAM, or Broadway and More, is a co-ed a cappella group from Vassar College. Selectively chosen, this high-energy group arranges its own dynamic versions of everyone’s favorite showtunes. While Broadway is certainly at the core of its repertoire, the group also loves to perform upbeat pop hits by a wide variety of artists such as The Beatles, Pentatonix, Disney, Ingrid Michaelson, …and MORE!

Barefoot Monkeys (BFM) (barefootmonkeys.vsa@vassar.edu, announce.barefootmonkeys@gmail.com)

The Barefoot Monkeys (BFM) are Vassar’s one and only circus troupe. We put on 4 shows a year, 2 inside and 2 outside during which we spin fire! BFM is an open space where anyone can come and go as they please to learn a variety of circus skills from juggling to staff and poi spinning and acro balancing.

Beauty and the Beats (beautyandthebeatsvc@gmail.com, beautyandthebeats.vsa@vassar.edu)

As an all-gender, all-grade a capella group specializing in Disney music, we accept the responsibility of bringing the beauty of our genre to the greater Vassar community. We seek to touch the hearts of many with brilliantly arranged tunes that turn timeless classics into evocative, stirring jams. By doing this, our group members will develop their musical talents and learn invaluable skills for life.

Big K!dz (nooffense.vsa@vassar.edu)

Big K!dz is a sketch comedy group that showcases digital and live content. As Vassar’s oldest sketch comedy group, we are dedicated to creating inclusive and original comedy. We are comprised of diverse members who both write and perform.

Big Night In (bignightin.vsa@vassar.edu)

Big Night In (or BNI) is an organization dedicated to providing more interactive, inclusive, and accessible substance-free programming every weekend. We also collaborate with the Traditions Committee to host substance-free activities for Halloweekend and Founder’s Day. All events are open to the Vassar student body for those who want to enjoy an evening of substance-free fun. We are always open to new board members and volunteers who would like to help us brainstorm, plan, and execute creative and new ideas.

Black Students’ Union (BSU) (blackstudentsunion.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Black Students’ Union mission is to be an uplifting, productive environment for the Black-identifying community of Vassar College. We are dedicated to eradicating ignorance toward a plurality of black identities, and promoting positive change through education, motivation and advocacy for Black students at Vassar. We take pride in working to develop a lasting appreciation of social, moral, intellectual, and most of all, cultural values that can elevate the Black student in their pursuit of academia. The Black Student Union is constantly fundraising and hosting events, along with running the BSU Newsletter, Political Education Committee, Big Sib Little Sib. If you wish to know more, please contact us!

Britomartis (britomartis.vsa@vassar.edu)

Britomartis is a non-hierarchical devised theater ensemble that makes a show from scratch every semester. We collaborate as a group of actors, designers, writers, directors, Cartesian philosophers, musicians, puppets with no masters, arsonists, practicing witches, animatronic rats, friends, and lovers to create original theater together.

Burlesque (burlesque.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar Burlesque is focused on fostering radical self-love. Through weekly workshops, safe spaces, and community-building exercises, we collectively engage and break down topics like gender, sexuality and body positivity. We also put on striptease shows open to the Vassar community where we use performance as a means to heal and reclaim. Through Burlesque, we hope to make space for vulnerability, self-growth and empathy, and to empower our performers & audiences.

Camerata (camerata.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar Camerata is the college’s only student-run early music ensemble. Our choir and chamber orchestra study and perform a broad range of music from circa 800 to 1800, C.E. Since its founding in 2004, our organization has welcomed students from all majors and musical backgrounds. Derived from the earlier usage associated with “chamber,” our name celebrates chamber music and musical gatherings of friends.

Ceramics Club (ceramics.vsa@vassar.edu)

Ceramics club offers weekly workshops and daily office hours to learn pottery skills such as hand-building, wheel throwing, and glazing. Our events, workshops, and office hours are taught by skilled members of our student-led executive board. We welcome any experience levels!

Chabad Jewish Community (chabad.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Chabad Jewish Community has been a student org at Vassar since 2012. Chabad is a place where Jews of all backgrounds and degrees of observance can enjoy exploring their Jewish heritage in a warm, welcoming and accepting environment. Our programming includes weekly Shabbat dinners, classes, volunteer opportunities and numerous other events. No specific experience or background necessary!

Challah for Hunger (challah.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar Challah for Hunger is a local chapter of the National Challah for Hunger organization, a nonprofit committed to fighting food insecurity both on and off campus. We make and sell challah of various flavors every week, with half the proceeds going to our local charitable partner, Dutchess County Outreach, and the other half going to the National Chapter and their partner, Swipe out Hunger. If you love baking and are passionate about advocacy, you should come bake some challah with us for a meaningful cause! Email Jack (jmahoney@vassar.edu) or Iris (yumengli@vassar.edu) with any questions.

Chinese Students’ Community (csc.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar Chinese Student Community is an organization for students who identify as Chinese and anyone who is interested in Chinese culture, language, food, music, and etc. We hold celebrations for traditional Chinese holidays, collaborate with other orgs, and host discussions occasionally to share experiences and ideas. We aim to provide a classroom where members can share ideas with each other, a party house where members socialize and entertain, a safety net that students can fall back in crisis, a ladder that helps student thrive in academic and social endeavors, and a bridge connecting our members with the larger Vassar community.

CHOICE (choice@vassar.edu)

CHOICE (Campus Health Organization for Information, Contraception, and Education) facilitates the safer sex practices of students by speedily distributing free condoms, latex gloves, dental dams, lubricant, and other supplies through an anonymous ordering system. We also distribute educational pamphlets about STIs, pregnancy, and contraception and we invite guest speakers each semester to engage with our student body about safer sex topics. Contact choice@vassar.edu with any questions!

Coalesce Dance Ensemble

Coalesce Dance Ensemble strives to create a collaborative, student-run space that exists for people passionate about the dance process. Ensemble members will be open to create and experiment based on their own creative intentions, which will fluctuate semester to semester. Coalesce Dance Ensemble will be an environment that allows members to explore both within and outside of their usual interests or dance backgrounds. This will be a smaller community committed to fostering a creative environment and producing work that members are excited about.

Comedy Normative (comedynorm.vsa@vassar.edu)

Comedy Normative is Vassar’s only non-audition comedy group. We encourage Vassar students with any level of interest or experience to join this group and learn together. We focus on stand-up, and enjoy bringing humor to the Vassar community.

Contrast (contrast.vsa@vassar.edu)

Contrast is Vassar’s student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine. Our goal is to showcase the vibrancy of both on- and off-campus style, and provide a creative outlet via photography, social media, journalism, style and more. We publish at least one issue per semester, and host various on-campus events including an annual fashion show. Contrast strives to be a radically inclusive space for all those interested in fashion, regardless of identity or experience.

CoOPERAtive (cooperative.vsa@vassar.edu)

Council of Alana Seniors (councilblackseniors.vsa@vassar.edu)

Crafts Not Bombs (craftsnotbombs.vsa@vassar.edu)

Crafts Not Bombs is a coalition of students committed to bringing people together to craft and build community while exploring the role that art and creative expression can play in movements against racism, colonialism, sexism and all forms of state and fascist violence. We host regular craft nights as well as film screenings, lectures, discussions, workshops and performances. The org is non-hierarchical and open to all levels of involvement.

Climbing Team (climbing.vsa@vassar.edu)

VC Climbing is Vassar’s rock climbing org. We take group trips to the local climbing gyms (BC’s and Gravity Vault) as well as outdoor climbing trips to the Gunks and we subsidize these trips with funding from the VSA. We strive to be inclusive of all abilities and identities.

Democracy Matters (democracymatters.vsa@vassar.edu)

Democracy Matters is a non-partisan, non-profit, national organization that strives to reinvigorate and further democratize our American political system. We are committed to meaningful campaign finance reform and voting rights to ensure that all Americans, regardless of wealth, have an audible voice in our political system and that grassroots political candidates are not discouraged from running because they do not have sufficient access to wealth. Some events include debate watch parties, voter registration, canvassing, democracy and doughnuts, absentee ballot delivery, internships, and attending the national student summit in Albany.

Feminist Alliance (femalliance.vsa@vassar.edu)

Flypeople (flypeople.vsa@vassar.edu, vassarflypeople@gmail.com)

Fly People is Vassar’s oldest student-run dance group. From conception and choreography to final-staged dances, the group prides itself on its diversity of dancers and styles, team collaboration, and performance professionalism. The final product of weekly rehearsals and year-long collaboration, are FlyPeople’s popular biannual performances at Vassar’s own dance theater, The Frances Daly Fergusson Dance Theatre.

Forum for Political Thought (politicalthought.vsa@vassar.edu)

We are a group of students, faculty, and friends hoping to create a space for sustained, on-going conversation. Our conversations cover a whole slew of topics, conceive of different kinds of politics, and strive to look beyond the traditional confines of in-class discussion. We are hoping to open up a space that is more casual, where faculty, students, and members of the broader community, can get together and form new, meaningful connections and relationships.

French Club (frenchclub.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Vassar College French Club is a student-led organization that brings French and Francophone Studies-related programing to the campus. We have held info sessions for current first years and sophomores hoping to study away, partnered with the French Department on a film festival, and planned a trip to an art museum (that we unfortunately couldn’t go on because of Covid-19). The French Club is open to all students interested in French and/or Francophone culture, regardless of their experience speaking French.

Future Waitstaff of America (FWA) (futurewaitstaffamerica.vsa@vassar.edu)

Future Waitstaff of America (FWA) is Vassar’s student theatre musical producing organization. We produce 2-4 full length musicals, as well as a series of cabarets, workshops, and other events every year.

Gender Inclusivity in STEM (gistem.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar’s Gender Inclusivity in STEM is an organization dedicated to the promotion of marginalized gender identities in the STEM fields. We do this by building community on campus and beyond.

Generations (generations.vsa@vassar.edu)

The mission of Generations is to facilitate communication and positive exchange between members of the Vassar College community, and local residents of senior care facilities. Through regular visits to the Vassar-Warner Home, and through the provision of activities and resources to the home and its residents, Generations seeks to expose its members to issues in the geriatric population, while facilitating relationships and connections that can prove meaningful to both Vassar students and the individuals living in these communities.

Grassroots Alliance for Alternative Politics (gaap.vsa@vassar.edu)

Greek-Mediterranean Society

We support and promote Hellenic and Mediterranean culture and heritage at Vassar.

Habitat for Humanity (habitatforhumanity.vsa@vassar.edu)

This organization’s purpose is to pursue the four goals of the Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter Program: to help build and rehabilitate houses in partnership with the Habitat for Humanity affiliates in the Hudson Valley and other areas (building), to help raise funds and contribute monies for the work of Habitat for Humanity (fundraising), to participate in and/or spearhead advocacy surrounding poverty housing (advocacy), and to help educate the campus and community about the work of Habitat for Humanity (education).

Happily Ever Laughter (HEL) (happilyeverlaughter.vsa@vassar.edu

HEL (happily ever laughter) Sketch Comedy is an audition based sketch comedy org dedicated to providing original comedy content to the Vassar community. We meet on a weekly basis to share/critique our writing for that week, with the intention of producing two full-length original comedy revue performances per semester. We’re tackle a very wide variety of topics and pride ourselves on the scope of our content.

Healing 2 Action (healingtoaction.vsa@vassar.edu)

Our goal is to unlearn the concepts of Healing and Action and instead allow ourselves to define these terms at an individual level, using our own experiences and needs. Healing and Action are inseparable, and we as an org work will help others determine what they look like for themselves. In doing so, we seek to dismantle the systems of white supremacy, carceral logics, racial capitalism and all other systems of oppression by challenging institutional power and reimagining co-existence.

Home Brewed (homebrewewed.vsa@vassar.edu, vchomebrewed@gmail.com)

Home brewed is Vassar’s oldest, coolest all gender a cappella group. We sing a variety of music and have a great time doing it. We love to travel to events and other schools to spread fun and music to the Vassar community and beyond!

Hunger Action (hungeraction.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar’s egalitarian chapter of the national organization Hunger Action Committee strives to alleviate hunger and homelessness. Through food and conversation, we seek to make personal connections with members of the Poughkeepsie community.

HYPE (hype.vsa@vassar.edu)

HYPE is an open, creative, and diverse space for hip-hop dance and dancers who are passionate about this art form. This performance group benefits the Vassar community by bringing hip-hop culture, as well as other styles of dance that inspire or inform hip-hop, in the form of dances, classes, events, and performances. Regardless of past experience or previous exposure to dance, this group will provide equal opportunity for anyone interested in dancing, performing, and/or hyping the presence of hip-hop on campus. Noting the emphasis on hip hop and hip hop’s origins, HYPE is a space that works with POC organizations from the ALANA center.

Iced Brew (icedbrew.vsa@vassar.edu)

Provide Vassar students with alternative, late-night programming in a safe, substance-free environment and to teach students how to skate. We aim to increase the accessibility of ice skating by renting ice time, covering skating admission costs, providing transportation, and offering professional coaching.

Idlewild (idlewild.vsa@vassar.edu, idlewildtheatreensemble@gmail.com)

Idlewild Theatre Ensemble is a non-hierarchical, collaborative theatre ensemble for women and nonbinary people who feel comfortable in a space centered around women. We aim to provide opportunities for women and non-binary people in all theatre disciplines to explore their theatrical interests in a safe and comfortable environment, as well as educate the Vassar community about the varying opportunities for women and non-binary people in theatre. By producing works that illuminate the roles for women in theatre, we hope to compel our audience to think critically about both theatre and contemporary issues.

Indecent Exposure (indecentexposure.vsa@vassar.edu)

Indecent Exposure is a stand up and sketch comedy group that centers women and gender queer individuals. Indecent is committed to also making spaces for students of color, and currently the majority of our group is of color. Above all else, we are the funniest comedy group in the world.

Japanese Association for Students (JAS)

The mission of JAS is to foster an open community of people seeking to connect with Japanese culture, such as through traditions, art, food, and language. We emphasize the authentic presentation of Japanese culture and the creation of mindful, inclusive, and accessible spaces, all of which provide a means of accessing Japanese culture that is open to all identities.

Korean Dance Crew (KoDC) (vassarkodc@gmail.com)

KoDC (Korean Dance Crew) provides an open space for any Vassar student who wants to learn and perform official k-pop dance covers or other Korean dance covers. We provide an opportunity for all members to perform and show off their hard work as well as support those who want to teach dances to others. We have open general body meetings that anyone can come to regardless of experience and a performance team that is non-audition.

Latinx Student Union (LSU) (mecha.vsa@vassar.edu, poderlatino.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Latinx Student Union is an organization that addresses the needs and concerns of the Latinx community at Vassar College, both as a supportive social group and an organization that takes action on various issues. We strive to promote communication and understanding between members of the Latinx Student Union and the greater Vassar community via: forums, lectures, and social events, while simultaneously providing a safe space for Latinx students on campus. Additionally, we strive to create opportunities for our members to maintain cultural connections by providing a variety of Latinx programming including activities and catered meals throughout the academic year.

LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) (link.vsa@vassar.edu)

LiNK at Vassar is a chapter of Liberty in North Korea, a nonprofit organization that works to help North Korean refugees resettle and raise awareness for North Korean human rights issues. LiNK at Vassar works to raise money to donate directly to LiNK and increase awareness on Vassar’s campus. We meet weekly and host campus-wide and community events such as benefit concerts, open mics, and food deliveries.

Mahagonny Ensemble (mahagonny.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Mahagonny Ensemble seeks to establish a presence for contemporary and modern classical music onVassar’s campus, performing classical compositions of the 20th and 21st centuries. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for students to become acquainted with an under-represented genre of music, the vital musical techniques it requires, and the experiences for diversification of performance that it affords. The Mahagonny Ensemble is also dedicated to the continuation of the tradition of classical music, giving a platform for student composers of the Vassar community, alumae/i composers, and composers from the surrounding area to have newly composed works performed for a public audience.

Majors (majors.vsa@vassar.edu)

Majors is a student-run, gender inclusive choir that performs a variety of choral repertoire ranging from Rachmaninov to Billy Joel. Within the last few years, Majors has put on semesterly concerts on campus in addition to performing at venues in Poughkeepsie and even out of state! Rehearsal occurs twice a week, allowing members to easily manage other commitments. Majors strives to create a collaborative musical environment which is simultaneously fun and challenging for choristers with any type of previous choral experience. You do not need to be a music major or correlate to join.

Measure 4 Measure (measure4measure.vsa@vassar.edu)

Measure 4 Measure is an a cappella group founded in 1981 at Vassar College. Historically an all-female group, Measure 4 Measure is now made up of female identifying and non-binary individuals. Not tied by genre, the members of M4M choose songs to arrange each semester based on the ever-changing musical interests of the group. The group holds several concerts a year, and often features guest groups from other universities. Additionally, M4M travels to sing with other collegiate a cappella groups. They hold auditions at the beginning of each semester, and record a CD every few years.

MENASA (menasa.vsa@vassar.edu)

We are an org representing students with ties to the Middle East and North Africa. We strive to create an inclusive environment for all and create events showcasing the culture and heritage of these regions.

Merely Players (merelyplayers.vsa@vassar.edu)

Merely Players is a student theater organization that produces works of classical theater and Shakespeare, or works derived from those traditions. Merely Players is a teaching organization, with a focus on making these works accessible to any thespian, regardless of experience. The directors and Executive Board work to produce successful shows through a theatrical process grounded in building an understanding of the text and the classical theater tradition surrounding it.

Miscellany News (misc@vassar.edu)

The Miscellany News, one of the oldest collegiate weeklies in the country, has been the student newspaper of Vassar College since 1866. Produced by over 50 student volunteers, The Miscellany News sets Vassar’s standard for reporting, creative thinking, exemplary writing and journalistic excellence. The paper is published every Thursday morning during the academic year, and thousands of our students, faculty members, administrators, staff, alumnae/i and Arlington readers flip through it over their morning coffee to stay up to date.

Although our staff already boasts over 50 reporters, columnists, photographers, video producers, podcast hosts, social media staffers, graphic designers and editors, we welcome applications and contributions from all members of the College community. Contact the Editor-in-Chief at misc@vassar.edu to get involved.

Mock Trial (mocktrial.vsa@vassar.edu)

Multiracial and Biracial Students Alliance (MBSA) (vcmbsa@gmail.com, mbsa.vsa@vassar.edu)

MBSA(Multiracial/Biracial Student Alliance) is a member of the ALANA center. We have weekly GB meetings where we discuss what it means to be multiracial/biracial both in the real world and at Vassar. We also have events during the fall and spring term relating to knowing and interacting with professors of color, and we host a coffeehouse event where we promote the art and talent of other students of color.

Native American Student Alliance (NAISA)

The Native American and Indigenous Student Alliance (NAISA) will provide a sense of community amongst Native American students on Vassar’s campus; while designed to be a space of a comfort and security for Native students, the organization is also open to allies. This organization serves as an acknowledgement to both Vassar students and faculty that Native Americans are not a historic figure, nor are all plagued by common stereotypes; this organization will both remember the hardships and traumas Indigenous peoples have survived and overcame, as well as the celebrate the achievements that have been and continue to be made.

Night Owls (nightowls.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Night Owls is an all-women’s gender inclusive a cappella group. Our mission is to rehearse and perform our repertoire for a variety of audiences and purposes, within Vassar and beyond. In fulfilling this mission, the Night Owls perform at private and public venues, travel to a variety of locations including an annual tour, and raise money for charitable causes. Having been established in 1942, the Night Owls are devoted to preserving and representing the important Vassar traditions of music and women’s empowerment.

Nitrous Oxide (nitrousoxide.vsa@vassar.edu)

Nitrous Oxide is a comedy troupe at Vassar College with less than a decade of existing under our belt. On campus, N2O is unique for several reasons, one being that we are the only group to feature both stand-up and improv. Furthermore, N2O is intentional on providing a space for its members to embrace their individual identities, with each person bringing to the space something unique and wholly unimitable. Beyond weekly rehearsals, N2O strives to achieve a healthy synergy amongst the group. We do check-ins at the beginning of each meeting and occasionally eat meals as a group, making sure that members know they’re being listened to and supported, both on and off-stage.

No Such Organization (NSO) (nosuchorganization.vsa@vassar.edu)

At the NSO, we play games, all sorts of games — obscure board games, less obscure board games, roleplaying games, video games, card games. We also specialize in movies, anime, and are happy to announce our burgeoning social interaction hours, book clubs, and Cryptid Watch. With a not insignificant budget to deploy, we’ve amassed quite the collection of games, DVDs, nerf weaponry, and more, and if you’ve got something you’re interested in doing, you can always reach out to us about running an event for it! Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a novice looking to pick up a new hobby, or just someone who wants to spend a few hours in chill company, we’d be happy to have you!

On Tap (ontap.vsa@vassar.edu, vassarontap@gmail.com)

Vassar on Tap is Vassar College’s only tap dance organization. We have four different classes per week, with levels ranging from Beginner (just started tapping at Vassar) to Advanced (been tapping for 15+ years!). We put on a show at the end of each semester full of original choreography and historical repertory pieces. No tap shoes? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a pair!

Outing Club (outingclub.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar Outing Club (VOC) is one of the largest orgs at Vassar, with nearly half the student body on our email list. VOC goes on hiking, biking, paddling, and climbing trips all across the scenic Hudson Valley every single weekend. We also go on overnight trips over weekends and breaks all across the US! VOC has a gear-lending program, where we lend tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, clothes/boots, and more to trip participants and other members of the Vassar community. Come one, come all, and get outside with VOC!

PHOCUS (phocus.vsa@vassar.edu, phocus.vassar@gmail.com)

Phocus, Vassar College’s photography club, functions not only as a space for photographers on campus to collaborate, but also as a resource for students to discover and learn about the art of photography. As a club, we teach workshops, hold critiques, sponsor shows, host guest lectures, publish a yearly magazine, FIX, and host many other activities to spread awareness of photography within the Vassar community. With many thanks to Andrea Baldeck, the club runs a student darkroom, which is accessible to all members of the Vassar community.

Portrait: Vassar’s Asian/Asian American Students’ Magazine

Portrait aims to provide a space for students to explore questions of Asian identity and culture in a way that showcases their individual talents and experience. Through publishing a magazine that culminates to a launch event every semester, members work towards a tangible product that facilitates personal reflection and open sharing of their identity and experiences. Members belong to a supportive community that meets weekly, and with whom they explore, learn, and share skills of writing, editing, designing, and coordinating programming.

Primary Care Progress (PCP) (pcp.vsa@vassar.edu)

As a national organization, Primary Care Progress (PCP) is an effort of health care providers, public health activists, and students to raise awareness about the current state of the US medical care system. Here at Vassar, PCP hopes to advocate for positive health behaviors among our students, faculty, and staff.

ProHealth (prohealth.vsa@vassar.edu)

ProHealth works to fundraise and raise awareness for local and global public health issues. On a local level, we partner with the VAST after school program for middle schoolers in Poughkeepsie to provide nutritious snacks and cooking lessons for students on Friday afternoons. On a global level, we we work with Partners in Health (PIH), a non-profit organization that treats patients and trains the next generation of local health care workers in some of the most remote and marginalized communities around the world. During our weekly meetings, we discuss and reflect upon a variety of public health issues at Vassar and at large. We also host meetings designed to promote mentorship, such as internship and career planning workshops for pre-health students.

Project.Period (projectperiod.vsa@vassar.edu)

Project.Period provides free menstrual products for students in need. Boxes with products are distributed throughout housing areas, academic buildings, and dining areas, and are replenished periodically.

Queer Coalition of Vassar College (QCVC) (qcvc.vsa@vassar.edu)

Quest Scholars Chapter of Vassar College (questscholars.vsa@vassar.edu, vassar.chapter@questbridge.org)

The Quest Scholars Chapter provides support for first gen low income students during their time at Vassar. We work closely with Quest HQ to plan national Questbridge events throughout the year and look to engage the community around us in a variety of ways.

Quidditch (quidditch.vsa@vassar.edu)

Quidditch is a sport from the Harry Potter books that has been adapted so that non-wizards may play. Not only do we play among ourselves, but we also attend tournaments and play against other schools. Aside from Quidditch, we organize a number of social events, including our legendary Yule Ball, weekly Harry Potter readings, trivia tournaments, board game nights and more. Our goal is to have fun and play well!

Relay for Life (relayforlife.vsa@vassar.edu)

Organization that fundraises to raise money for the American Cancer Society

Sailing Team (sailing.vsa@vassar.edu)

Group devoted to sailing and having fun.

Senior Class Council 

The Senior Class Council is responsible for organizing class events, Senior Week programming, and overseeing the Daisy Chain. Through these efforts, the council is committed to creating a community amongst the senior class that is rooted in love and solidarity, extending past our time on campus together.

Shakespeare Troupe (shakespearetroupe.vsa@vassar.edu)

We are a non-hierarchical theatre ensemble. We spend each spring dreaming up a zany, imaginative, and scrappy interpretation of a Shakespeare play and perform it outdoors in early May.

Shiva Theatre (shiva@vassar.edu)

The Susan Stein Shiva Theater is Vassar College’s very own student theater performance space. Run by Vassar students, exclusively for Vassar students, theaters like the Shiva are a rare gem on American campuses; it is designed to give Vassar students the creative and real-world education provided by any professional theater. Everything from the management and technical consultancy of the theater to the technical and artistic direction of weekly events is a product of student initiative.

SORI/KSA (vassarsori.vsa@vassar.edu, vassarsori@gmail.com)

Vassar Sori is an all-inclusive student organization dedicated to promotion of Korean culture. Sori consists of two independent committees. The Drumming committee is a traditional Korean percussion ensemble that meets weekly to practice for performances in cultural events. The KSA committee organizes events such as movie nights, K-pop themed Mug Nights, and Kfest.

South Asian Students’ Alliance (SASA) (sasa.vsa@vassar.edu)

The South Asian Students’ Alliance (SASA) aims to represent and showcase the diversity and diaspora of South Asia. In addition to weekly gatherings, we hold events including live South Asian music, lunches and dinners, and festivities to celebrate South Asian holidays. We highly value diversity, inclusivity, and a good time.

Southeast Asian Students Alliance (SEASA) (seasa.vsa@vassar.edu, seasa.vc@gmail.com)

The Southeast Asian Students Alliance is an organization that provides a campus venue for non-judgmental learning and cultural exploration of Southeast Asia, its constituent countries, and the respective identities contained therein. SEASA seeks to facilitate student exploration of Southeast Asian cultures, giving specific heed to the many geo-political, sociological, and economic factors. In addition to weekly gatherings, we hold events that include food/dessert tasting (e.g. SEAfest and SEASA-nings), movie nights, and field trips.

Squirm (squirm.vsa@vassar.edu)

Squirm is an org with the purpose of discussing sex and sexuality at Vassar. We seek to publish zine issues that highlight diverse on-campus voices through stories, poetry, art, pictures, articles, playlists, comics, and other media while hosting events for the Vassar community.

Students for Equitable Environmental Decisions (SEED) (seed.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar’s Students for Equitable Environmental Decisions (SEED) is an environmental group on campus that aims to further sustainability and environmental justice through activism, advocacy, and increased communication between students, faculty, and administration. We also work with CASC (The Climate Action and Sustainability Committee) in the administration to advocate for dramatic sustainability reform on campus at an administrative level. We believe climate justice is not an independent issue, and has strong ties to the fight against racism, classism, and imperialism. Join us in furthering the conversation on climate justice, carbon neutrality, Vassar fossil fuel divestment, and environmental sustainability at Vassar.

Students for Justice in Palestine (sjp.vsa@vassar.edu, sjpvassar@gmail.com)

Students for Justice in Palestine at Vassar supports the Palestinian struggle against Israeli apartheid and settler colonialism. We believe that while the Palestinian people must be able to determine their own future, we have a duty to organize around calls for an international solidarity movement in opposition of Israeli state and settler violence. We meet on a weekly basis and hold a variety of events and actions throughout the year. Vassar SJP stands behind the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement’s demands of the full decolonization of all Arab lands, the implementation of the right of return and the end to systemic and open Israeli racial discrimination. We reject all forms of discrimination and racism and are open to anyone interested in working towards a free Palestine.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (ssdp.vsa@vassar.edu, ssdpvassar@gmail.com)

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an organization dedicated to creating a safe environment for education surrounding and consumption of drugs, both on campus and in the surrounding community. We neither condone nor condemn any individual’s choice to use drugs, focusing instead on making sure that all people, regardless of their choice, are as safe and healthy as possible. To this end, we believe that the violence perpetrated against drug users under the false pretense of public health in the War on Drugs is unconscionable and must be abolished. Our activities include distributing free drug testing kits to students and coordinating with other activist groups (both on and off campus) to organize relevant political activities.

Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA) (caribbeanstudents.vsa@vassar.edu, caribbeanstudentsalliance@gmail.com)

A group for students who identify as of Caribbean descent or feel connected to Caribbean heritage. Through general meetings, study abroad info sessions, field trips to other schools, sites and concerts, and lots of delicious food, we welcome you into a Caribbean community!

TBD (tbd.vsa@vassar.edu)

TBD is an org dedicated to providing a community space for trans/non-binary/non-cis students. We also advocate for students in this community by working with the administration to improve campus policies and provide resources and information to those who need it.

The Limit (thelimit.vsa@vassar.edu, thelimitvc@gmail.com)

The Limit is Vassar College’s tallest sketch comedy group. We put on two shows a semester. Our mascot is a porpoise god. When we’re not doing comedy, we’re Virgo rising. Cheers

The Listening Center (tlc.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Listening Center is a private, peer-run organization dedicated to lending a compassionate ear. We intend to increase resources and reduce stigma by providing a space where students may discuss such issues with others through our nightly chat service on 7CupsOfTea where students can connect with trained, anonymous listeners. We aim to serve all members of the Vassar student body through education, advocacy, and the creation of supportive and inclusive spaces.

The Philaletheis Society (philaletheis.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Philaletheis Society is the oldest student organization at Vassar, and we now act as one of the primary student theater production organizations. We usually produce straight plays, but have also produced student-written work and musicals! We also hold multiple play-writing festivals, special events, and theater-centered workshops!

The Underground (underground.vsa@vassar.edu)

We are Vassar’s Human trafficking awareness organization — we attempt to educate the Vassar and greater Poughkeepsie community about modern slavery. We put on lectures, screenings and events pertaining to human trafficking awareness. Our most attended event is the Red Sand Gala where students and community members pour red sand in the cracks of surrounding sidewalks to symbolize those who slip through the cracks of society into human trafficking.

UJIMA (ujima.vsa@vassar.edu)

UJIMA is an arts and performance organization that was created to provide a safe space for students of color to collaborate and share their art with the community at large. We are comprised of five smaller collectives, vocalists, dancers, musicians, poets, and visual artists.

Ultimate Frisbee (ultimate.vsa@vassar.edu, vassarultimate@gmail.com)

Vassar Ultimate Frisbee is a group that includes three teams: an open team, a mixed team, and a women’s team. All teams practice (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) and play at tournaments around the Northeast (and one in South Carolina!).
Most people who play on the team now never played before, all levels of playing are welcome! Playing Ultimate is a great way to get outside, get some exercise, and have fun with a supportive community! Please come to practices at the beginning of the school year to get more information, email us at vassarultimate@gmail.com, and look out for our FB event page!

Unbound Student Theater (unbound.vsa@vassar.edu)

Unbound is Vassar’s only theater group devoted solely to experimental theater. We are interested in producing theater that does not fit the mold of typical Vassar productions and that pushes the boundaries of what theater can be. Founded in 1996 as a political theater group, Unbound has expanded its focus to include all forms of alternative performance, including student-written works, devised productions, and anything else you can think of.

Unframed (unframed.vsa@vassar.edu)

Unframed explores the intersection between art and activism.

Unitarian Universalists (unitarianuniversalists.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar’s Unitarian Universalist group engages spirituality and social issues, working to build a welcoming community within the non-creedal traditions of the UU practice. Meetings are held once a week and students are encouraged to attend regardless of faith or spiritual practices.

Vass Shakers (shakers.vsa@vassar.edu, vassshakers@gmail.com)

Vass Shakers is a student-run, student-choreographed, and non-audition based dance organization. Our purposed is to provide an opportunity for all students of all backgrounds and experience to dance and choreograph performances of any dance forms and music styles in a supportive and fun environment.

Vassar Alliance of Women in Foreign Affairs (VAWFA) (vawfa.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar Alliance of Women in Foreign Affairs (VAWFA) is an organization serving as a network, resource, and outlet for women interested in foreign affairs. United by common academic interests, VAWFA hopes to create a space for discussing current affairs and careers to supplement work done by other Vassar affiliates. All members of our alliance are committed to pursue the equalization of education and careers for women in foreign affairs. We hope to create a network that endures beyond our years at Vassar, allow others to achieve their aspirations, and eliminate gender disparities in professional fields.

Vassar Animal Rights Coalition (VARC) (animalrightscoalition.vsa@vassar.edu, varc@vassar.edu)

The Vassar Animal Rights Coalition (VARC) works to combat species-based violence and encourage people to reflect upon the societal paradigms that support the objectification of non-human animals. VARC addresses multiple layers of animal rights issues, including animal exploitation through the food, medical, and cosmetic industries, and the human rights issues associated with these industries. VARC works on a number of ongoing campaigns and activities; in the past, these activities have included film screenings, discussions, conferences, and direct work with rescued individuals.

Vassar Bikes (bikes.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Vassar Bike Shop employs four students through work study. Under the Office of Sustainability, we offer free mechanical help to the greater Vassar community including students, Vassar employees, and the surrounding Poughkeepsie community. Members of vc bikes are welcome to volunteer at the bike shop and develop mechanic skills as well as lead and participate in group bike rides. The bike shop is committed to making an eco-friendly, bike-friendly campus through free bike, and helmet distribution to increase accessibility, and free U-lock distribution and bike lock education to decrease theft, ease security policing, and heal ties with the Poughkeepsie community. We strive to make the bike shop an open and inclusive space to all on the Vassar Campus by hosting workshops for folks traditionally underrepresented and excluded in the bike community.

Vassar Business Club (vcbusinessclub.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Vassar Business Club strives to provide a space for students to be inspired by smart people (alums, professors, and current students) in a variety of fields, and to learn, reflect on their goals and post-grad plans, find mentors, give back to underclassmen, think about self-improvement, and explore various opportunities. We host workshops of all kinds, “Fireside” Chats with alums, connect students to opportunities, and collaborate with several offices on campus to co-sponsor all different types of programming.

Vassar Catholic Community (catholiccommunity.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar Catholic Community (VCC) is a religious student organization. All students are welcome: those who identify as Catholic, those who are interested in Catholicism, and those who are interested in exploring their spirituality/faith. VCC organizes Sunday Mass in the Chapel (or rides to local churches) and weekly meetings where students have critical discussions, build community, and participate in service projects.

Vassar Christian Fellowship (VXF) (christianfellowship.vsa@vassar.edu, vxf@vassar.edu)

Vassar Christian Fellowship is a non denominational Christian organization. We focus on loving God and loving people and spreading the joy of Christ through the college campus.

Vassar College Equestrian Team (equestrian.vsa@vassar.edu)

Our goal is to create a fun and inclusive community of students who share a love of horses. Our coach, Michelle Clopp, offers hunt-seat lessons to students of every experience level – if you’ve been showing all your life, or if you’ve never even seen a horse before! Our growing show team competes in the IHSA, both jumping and on the flat. We also have plenty of opportunities to spend time with horses without riding.

Vassar College Pre- Veterinary and Animal Science Club (PAWS)

As an organization we aim to create a space for individuals who are interested in pursuing a professional career that involves working with animals. We provide information about field work, research, and grad school, as well as regular opportunities for students to gain experience working with animals through animal rescues, veterinarians, and sanctuaries around the Hudson Valley area. We are centered around education and volunteer work and actively try to promote a stronger connection between local animal related organizations and Vassar.

Vassar College Republicans (vclu.vsa@vassar.edu)

The only right of center political organization at Vassar. We are primarily a discussion-based org, meeting weekly to reflect on current events, political philosophy and even opposing viewpoints. As a result, all political persuasions are welcome at VCR meetings.

Vassar College Sound System (vcss.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar College Sound System is the only DJ org on campus and the main place that all other orgs look to for DJing events! Come learn how to DJ and you’ll be ready to play music at any event in no time! All music genres welcome!

Vassar College Alliance of Theatre Technicians (VCATT) (techconglomerate.vsa@vassar.edu, vassartech@gmail.com)

VCATT provides equipment and guidance to the campus’ many student theatre orgs. Our main purpose is to aid the technical side of student theatre productions, as well as other events on a case-by-case basis. We have a large stock of equipment that production teams can request to borrow and we hold office hours every week to answer any questions that students may have.

Vassar Cosmetics 

The purpose of Vassar Cosmetics is to create a collaborative space where students with an interest in makeup can share tips and tricks while also educating members of our general body. More importantly, this is an inclusive space for anyone who wants to learn about makeup, even if they have no experience, in a judgement free zone. We have had both educational meetings (learning about products and techniques) and applicative meetings (performing those techniques on yourself and others), in order to showcase the importance of not only learning certain skills but to also know the reasoning behind those skills.

Vassar Debate Society (debate.vsa@vassar.edu)

We have 3 goals: to promote debate among Vassar College students, to attend and host intercollegiate parliamentary debate tournaments, and to teach people how to craft and articulate arguments both for and against a given issue.

Vassar Democrats (democrats.vsa@vassar.edu)

The aim of the Vassar College Democrats is to promote progressive ideals, further political discourse and diversity, and to empower young citizens through organized activism. Through discussion, canvassing, programming, debates, and GOTV efforts the Vassar Democrats work transparently, passionately, and honestly toward the adoption of progressive policies. Our organization responds to and reflects the ideologies and priorities of the members of the Vassar College Democrats.

Vassar Devils (devils.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Vassar Devils are known for their tight harmonies, polished sound, complex arrangements, and infectious sense of fun. Their diverse, constantly growing repertoire includes a variety of genres, from pop hits, to indie ballads, to classic rock, to sexy jazz (and even some original music written by their members!). In addition to performing for the Vassar community, they just finished recording a professional studio album, Words Unsaid, released in June 2020!

Vassar Disability Coalition (VDC) (access.vsa@vassar.edu)

The VDC is a student organization dedicated to improving campus accessibility for students with disabilities (Access branch) and providing a space to discuss disability issues (Inclusion branch).

Vassar Filmmakers (filmmakers.vsa@vassar.edu, vcfilmmakers-l@lists.vassar.edu)

We are a film appreciation and production org. Each year, we delve into all aspects of production to create a collection of short films, while also screening classics once a month. All one need to do to be a part of this org is have the drive to get involved.

Vassar Finance Club (vcfc.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Vassar Finance and Consulting Club is an organization tailored for those interested in learning about or pursuing a career in finance and consulting. We have weekly meetings where we discuss market news, learn technicals, offer career advice, and resume reviews. We have started a pro-bono consulting initiative this year where we consult for businesses/organizations off and on-campus. We plan to send teams to consulting competitions and stock pitching challenges this year as well.

Vassar Food Community (vassarfoodcommunity.vsa@vassar.edu)

VFC focuses on building community within the Vassar campus and with the broader Poughkeepsie community through food-themed events! We have cook communal meals together and host other food events. We also connect with Poughkeepsie Farm Project and other local food sources!

Vassar Greens (greens.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar Greens is committed to fighting for a livable planet through environmental and social justice. We promote a greener lifestyle by promoting zero-waste education and sustainable initiatives. We encourage translating personal sustainable habits to larger campus initiatives.

Vassar Haiti Project (vhp.vsa@vassar.edu, vhpuber@vassar.edu)

Founded in 2001, the Vassar Haiti Project (VHP) engages Vassar students in a life-changing experiential education in global citizenship, promoting Haitian art and fostering sustainable development in Haiti. Vassar students organize art auctions and sales throughout the year, which support the welfare of hundreds of Haitian artists and artisans and provide means for funding the five initiatives: Education, Healthcare, Water Access and Purification, Reforestation, and Women’s Co-Operative in the mountain village of Chermaitre, Haiti. Additionally, the Haiti Project brings a student group to Haiti yearly to engage in conversation and development with their partners and create new possibilities that help to transform the narratives surrounding Haiti.

Vassar Healthcare Industry Club (vhic.vsa@vassar.edu)

Our intended purpose is to provide Vassar students exposure to a diverse array of careers and opportunities in the business of healthcare. We hope to introduce new career paths, connections, and information for those interested in or unaware of the vast possibilities within the realm of business and healthcare. With talks and panels from successful alumni, networking, and company field trips, we will exemplify career paths in areas that currently lack exposure on campus including pharmaceuticals, healthcare cosmetics, biotechnology, hospital management, artificial intelligence, genetics, women’s health, etc. This organization wants to highlight the diversity in the healthcare industry, which we will accomplish by hosting events and inviting successful alumni in the healthcare industry that represent marginalized groups such as women, people of color, LGBTQ+, and low socioeconomic status.

Vassar Improv (improv.vsa@vassar.edu)

We are a comedy performance org doing improv comedy. We do about 3 shows a semester. We hold auditions in the beginning of September. Lots of fun! Lots of Laughs!

Vassar International Students Association (VISA) (internationalstudents.vsa@vassar.edu)

VISA is a student-run organisation that caters to Vassar’s international student body. By hosting events that celebrate and encourage diversity, we strive to promote a sense of community and identity as well as a safe space for international students to voice their needs.

Vassar Insider (insider.vsa@vassar.edu)

A political and news publication.

Vassar Jewish Union (Hillel) (jewishunion.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Vassar Jewish Union (VJU) seeks to strengthen the development of a pluralistic Jewish community, and to provide a spiritual and cultural home for Jewish expression at Vassar. We serve all members of the Vassar community, regardless of their background or form of Jewish expression. We offer weekly student-led Shabbat services followed by home-cooked vegan meals. We also host social events and holiday parties and ceremonies for the Jewish student body.

Vassar Knitwits (vcknitwits@gmail.com)

The Vassar Knitwits plan to expand our love of fiber crafts to any and all who would like to learn. As a community-based organization, we hope to build a diverse group of crafters who want to give back to their community through fun group activities. Our goal is to create an inclusive space where students, faculty, staff, and other community members can be inspired to learn and develop their new crafts. General Body meetings are open to all experience levels, and we are often teaching students how to knit, crochet, embroider, etc. Join us on Saturday afternoons in Josselyn House Parlor!

Vassar Law Club

The Vassar Law Club serves as a unifying organization for students of all academic and personal backgrounds who are interested in learning more about the legal path or in law more generally—through various and exciting programming and opportunities to network. VLC hopes to serve as a resource and a bridge between administrative offices, the alumnae/i network, and the current student body as students prepare to set off in building their careers and networks.

Vassar Organizing Israel Conversations Effectively (VOICE) (jstreetu.vsa@vassar.edu)

VOICE (Vassar Organizing Israel/Palestine Conversations Effectively) aims to engage the Vassar community in rigorous dialogue examining the harmful ways in which the western states perceive and oversimplify ethnic conflict, specifically in Israel/Palestine. We also aim to encourage progressive activism that prioritizes human rights, coexistence, and sustained justice for all peoples in the region, as well as all historically and currently marginalized identities around the world. We facilitate this through open community dialogue, centering those in the middle of the issues, comparative international analysis, and occasional educational programming. In doing so, we advocate against the white Christian hegemonic influence in our approach to understanding this conflict.

Vassar Prison Initiative (prisoninitiative.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Vassar Prison Initiative (VPI) is a non-hierarchical organization committed to raising awareness about issues related to the prison industrial complex. Our activities include an annual publication, film screenings, book drives, and engagement with local activism. In addition to these initiatives and general education efforts on campus and in our community, the VPI works in conjunction with the academic prison programs on campus and responds to pressing prison-related issues as they arise. It is our hope that through our programming, educational outreach, and activism, we can contribute to the fight for justice for incarcerated people and the de-carceration of America.

Vassar Quiz Bowl (vassarquizbowl@gmail.com)

Vassar Quiz Bowl was founded to create a community around the competitive and exciting game of quiz bowl. Members of this community build a lively space for fostering relationships and learning fun, engaging, and ultimately pointless trivia— in venues from casual practices to nationally-recognized tournaments. We remain committed to the idea that Quiz Bowl should never be cut-throat or elitist, but that it should provide a relaxed and welcoming space for friends to play academic trivia.

Vassar Refugee Solidarity (refugeesolidarity.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar Refugee Solidarity is a student run org that works with the forcibly displaced community in the Hudson Valley. We work with the Annur Islamic School in Albany to provide resources to the students and their families, work with the local schools in the Hudson Valley to discuss issues of displacement, and organize events on campus such as speakers, movie screenings, and fundraisers.

Vassar Ski Team (ski.vsa@vassar.edu)

Ski Team organizes competitive ski racing for the students of Vassar College. It is our fervent belief that ski racing, due to its prodigious cost, is chiefly a pastime of the elite. These elites perpetuate the capitalist superstructures that preserve our low socioeconomic status. To combat the unyielding class homogeneity inherent in ski culture, we, the proletariat, secure funds and disperse them freely to help the common, working-class Vassar students (as well as their capitalist overlord fellow students) to participate in and to subvert a principle bastion of neocolonial patriarchy – ski racing. As a competitive club we are members of the United States Collegiate Skiing & Snowboarding Association (USCSA) and race in the McBrine Division. The team is competitive, although no race experience is necessary to join.

Vassar Smash Club (smashclub.vsa@vassar.edu, vassarsmash@gmail.com)

Super Smash Brothers is unique franchise that features all of Nintendo’s characters in a single, platform-based fighting game. While many recognize this game as a staple part of their early childhood, Smash also has strong place in e-sports competition. Vassar Smash Club aims to create an inclusive environment that encourages both casual and competitive play.

Vassar Social Dancing Club (socialdancing.vsa@vassar.edu, vassarsocialdancing@gmail.com)

Vassar Social Dancing provides opportunities for students to learn new styles of social dancing and practice them at weekly meetings and org events. We practice and learn styles such as swing, salsa, and ballroom, as well as learn about their history and interact with our peers!

Vassar Student Musicians Union (StuMu) (studentmusic.vsa@vassar.edu)

StuMu is dedicated to promoting and facilitating music made by Vassar students on campus. Aside from our monthly showcase-style concerts featuring student bands, we also put on a wide variety of smaller scale programming where student musicians can share their work and develop skills, such as our songwriting circles, meet-and-greets to find new collaborators, and audio technology workshops. Additionally, we manage, book, and maintain the fully-equipped practice space in the basement of Blodgett where bands can jam and rehearse.

Vassar Student Review (vassarstudentreview.vsa@vassar.edu, vassarstudentreview@gmail.com)

The Vassar Student Review is a student-run literary and art magazine published annually in the spring. We meet weekly to peer-review submissions, discussing and selecting what will appear in the magazine. We accept submissions of all kinds that can be published – poetry, prose, paintings, drawings, photography, collage, etc. – at vassarstudentreview@gmail.com!

Vassar Urban Enrichment (vue.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar Urban Enrichment is a student group dedicated to Vassar’s campus. We work with students and administration to complete projects that enhance the on-campus experience and create a better understanding of Vassar as a place.

Vassar Voices for Planned Parenthood (actout.vsa@vassar.edu)

VVPP aims to facilitate a community organizing relationship between members of the Vassar community and PPMHV centered around reproductive justice. In order to accomplish this, we have six major functions:
-Get members of the Vassar community who say they stand with PP to commit to taking direct action.
-Act as a fundraising and advocacy source for PPMHV
-Pop the Vassar bubble; use our motivation to extend outreach in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, Marist and other schools in the area
-Gain institutional support in order to acquire reproductive health resources
-Support, unite and collaborate with other student organizations
-Organize on-campus and off-campus informational events about reproductive health and justice


Vassar’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) (vmsu.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) aims to provide a supportive network, space, and community for Muslim students on campus to enhance, maintain, and embody their faith to whatever degree they choose, as well as provide an environment that enables and encourages dialogue of issues pertinent to being Muslim in the 21st century. We also seek to serve the needs of anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim, who is interested in learning more about Islam through the works of the MSA. In addition, we aim to raise awareness against detrimental stereotypes against Muslims around the world.
We strive to provide an inclusive space where all students can build a close-knit community that extends beyond shared religious interests, while discussing topics pertinent to Islam in the 21st century.

Vassarion (vassarion.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassarion is the Vassar College yearbook, dating back to the mid-1800s. Together, the staff participates in each step of the design process, gathers photos, and interacts with the senior class in order to design a historical yearbook for the senior class.

Vastards (vastards.vsa@vassar.edu)

The Vastards are an all-gender nostalgia pop acapella group. Almost fifteen years in the making, we sing all the songs you loved in Middle School, or at least the songs you loved to hate.

VC Royalty (vcroyalty.vsa@vassar.edu)

Vassar College Royalty is the only org that is dedicated to queer performance. Provide a safe space on campus for students to explore gender and queerness in relation to performance art. Provide resources and guidance for students in terms of makeup, drag performance, and self-exploration.

VC++ (vcplusplus.vsa@vassar.edu)

VC++ is Vassar’s only computer science centered org. Our goal is to build a strong computer science community on campus. Next year, we’re working on creating a student-run makerspace, setting up an interview prep & study group, and running multiple workshops.

Vassar College Emergence Medical Services (VCEMS) (ems.vsa@vassar.edu, ems@vassar.edu)

VCEMS (Vassar College Emergency Medical Services) is a student run organization that responds to on-campus medical emergencies and services all visitors and students during the academic year. VCEMS is in service when Baldwin is closed. VCEMS consists of EMT-certified Vassar students and CPR certified individuals to provide quality care to our Vassar community during these emergencies.

VCTV (vctv.vsa@vassar.edu, vctv2018@gmail.com)

Vassar College Television (VCTV) is Vassar’s premiere and only all student-run film production org. As a group of writers, directors, producers, and editors, we develop and shepherd creative projects through every step of the filmmaking process. Our work ranges from music videos to short films to web series.

ViCE Music (vicemusic.vsa@vassar.edu)

ViCE Music’s goal is to organize, host, and collaborate on music events throughout the year, with our main focus being The Welcome Back Show and Spring Concert. We reach out to artists via our middle agent, and work to find artists that are not only fun, but are appropriate to bring to campus. We strive to create events that the whole campus, as well as the Poughkeepsie community, can enjoy and feel safe at.

ViCE Weekly (viceweekly.vsa@vassar.edu)

We curate small concerts with artists, singers, rappers etc for the Vassar community! In past years, we have brought Isaiah Rashad, SZA, and a slew of other great performers, along with a wide variety of local and underground artists.

Woodshed (woodshed.vsa@vassar.edu)

Woodshed is a student ­run collaborative theater ensemble that strives to utilize the skills of each of its members to generate thought ­provoking full ­length productions. Ensemble members are highly encouraged to explore new avenues as well as pursue their pre­existing theatrical interests during their time in Woodshed. A group that fluctuates each semester, Woodshed’s productions have ranged from Shakespearean comedies to contemporary dramas, with members experimenting with various roles: as designers, directors, dramaturgs and actors. Woodshed is a non­hierarchical organization and values the voice of each of its members.

Wordsmiths (wordsmiths.vsa@vassar.edu)

Wordsmiths is an organization for student writers and poets. The org meets weekly to share works in progress and get feedback from peers. We also host open mics, workshops, and speakers for the benefit of the entire campus.

WVKR (wvkr.vsa@vassar.edu)

WVKR is a college radio station that serves the Poughkeepsie community and 5 northeastern states. We play an eclectic array of music and have podcasts as well. This org connects students and community DJs.