Coalesce Dance Ensemble

Coalesce Dance Ensemble strives to create a collaborative, student-run space that exists for people passionate about the dance process. Ensemble members will be open to create and experiment based on their own creative intentions, which will fluctuate semester to semester. Coalesce Dance Ensemble will be an environment that allows members to explore both within and outside of their usual interests or dance backgrounds. This will be a smaller community committed to fostering a creative environment and producing work that members are excited about.

Flypeople (,

Fly People is Vassar’s oldest student-run dance group. From conception and choreography to final-staged dances, the group prides itself on its diversity of dancers and styles, team collaboration, and performance professionalism. The final product of weekly rehearsals and year-long collaboration, are FlyPeople’s popular biannual performances at Vassar’s own dance theater, The Frances Daly Fergusson Dance Theatre.


HYPE is an open, creative, and diverse space for hip-hop dance and dancers who are passionate about this art form. This performance group benefits the Vassar community by bringing hip-hop culture, as well as other styles of dance that inspire or inform hip-hop, in the form of dances, classes, events, and performances. Regardless of past experience or previous exposure to dance, this group will provide equal opportunity for anyone interested in dancing, performing, and/or hyping the presence of hip-hop on campus. Noting the emphasis on hip hop and hip hop’s origins, HYPE is a space that works with POC organizations from the ALANA center.

Korean Dance Crew (KoDC) (

KoDC (Korean Dance Crew) provides an open space for any Vassar student who wants to learn and perform official k-pop dance covers or other Korean dance covers. We provide an opportunity for all members to perform and show off their hard work as well as support those who want to teach dances to others. We have open general body meetings that anyone can come to regardless of experience and a performance team that is non-audition.

On Tap (,

Vassar on Tap is Vassar College’s only tap dance organization. We have four different classes per week, with levels ranging from Beginner (just started tapping at Vassar) to Advanced (been tapping for 15+ years!). We put on a show at the end of each semester full of original choreography and historical repertory pieces. No tap shoes? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a pair!

Vass Shakers (,

Vass Shakers is a student-run, student-choreographed, and non-audition based dance organization. Our purposed is to provide an opportunity for all students of all backgrounds and experience to dance and choreograph performances of any dance forms and music styles in a supportive and fun environment.

Vassar Social Dancing Club (,

Vassar Social Dancing provides opportunities for students to learn new styles of social dancing and practice them at weekly meetings and org events. We practice and learn styles such as swing, salsa, and ballroom, as well as learn about their history and interact with our peers!