Comedy Normative (

Comedy Normative is Vassar’s only non-audition comedy group. We encourage Vassar students with any level of interest or experience to join this group and learn together. We focus on stand-up, and enjoy bringing humor to the Vassar community.

Happily Ever Laughter (HEL) (

HEL (happily ever laughter) Sketch Comedy is an audition based sketch comedy org dedicated to providing original comedy content to the Vassar community. We meet on a weekly basis to share/critique our writing for that week, with the intention of producing two full-length original comedy revue performances per semester. We’re tackle a very wide variety of topics and pride ourselves on the scope of our content.

Indecent Exposure (

Indecent Exposure is a stand up and sketch comedy group that centers women and gender queer individuals. Indecent is committed to also making spaces for students of color, and currently the majority of our group is of color. Above all else, we are the funniest comedy group in the world.

Nitrous Oxide (

Nitrous Oxide is a comedy troupe at Vassar College with less than a decade of existing under our belt. On campus, N2O is unique for several reasons, one being that we are the only group to feature both stand-up and improv. Furthermore, N2O is intentional on providing a space for its members to embrace their individual identities, with each person bringing to the space something unique and wholly unimitable. Beyond weekly rehearsals, N2O strives to achieve a healthy synergy amongst the group. We do check-ins at the beginning of each meeting and occasionally eat meals as a group, making sure that members know they’re being listened to and supported, both on and off-stage.

Vassar Improv (

We are a comedy performance org doing improv comedy. We do about 3 shows a semester. We hold auditions in the beginning of September. Lots of fun! Lots of Laughs!

Big K!dz (

Big K!dz is a sketch comedy group that showcases digital and live content. As Vassar’s oldest sketch comedy group, we are dedicated to creating inclusive and original comedy. We are comprised of diverse members who both write and perform.

The Limit (,

The Limit is Vassar College’s tallest sketch comedy group. We put on two shows a semester. Our mascot is a porpoise god. When we’re not doing comedy, we’re Virgo rising. Cheers