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This site is being used to document the work the Vassar students will be doing for Adolescent Literacy EDUC-373 in the Spring of 2011. This semester, as part of their classwork, the EDUC 373 students will be tutoring Vassar After School Tutoring Scholars (VAST). The VAST scholars are all students from the Poughkeepsie Middle School (PMS).
Our purposes in using WordPress for this course are multi-tiered. On one level, we wanted a way to quickly and easily share the work of the PMS students with friends and family. We also thought publishing to the “blogosphere” good preparation for the Vassar students in that it prepares them to write for a broader audience, an important component of their liberal arts education. For educators, we thought that this site might serve as a useful resource both for those who work with adolescents and/or digital media. We hope that the WordPress site might serve as a hub of conversation for viewers, educators and anyone interested.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this site, please email us, thanks.

Eric McCloskey – Professor of Education, ermcloskey [@]

Baynard Bailey – Academic Computing Services, babailey [@]

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