Instructors are like RNA

RNA, ribonucleic acid, is an essential intermediary in the process of gene expression. That is, a gene, which is composed of DNA, is first transcribed into a slightly different nucleotide “language,” that of RNA, before the code of the gene is translated into a functional protein.

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RNA has a lot of really important functions that enable that translation to occur. RNA interprets the gene code. It provides a platform or scaffold upon which the translation occurs. It even serves as the catalyst for that translation.

We are like RNA. We interpret the code of our fields of specialization into meaningful language for our students. Our classrooms and assignments provide a scaffold upon which our students learn. Our enthusiasm for our fields catalyzes our students and eases their way to new knowledge.

Sure, our students can learn on their own. But, as catalysts, scaffolds and interpreters, we greatly enhance and speed up our student’s learning.

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Like our RNA counterparts, we regulate the learning process for our students and monitor their progress. Because our students are many and varied, we need the flexibility of RNA to assist each individual on their journey.

I hope you are enjoying your semester thus far. I will be away for our fall break, but will post again in a couple of weeks.